Feb. 4th, 2009

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So I started rereading [livejournal.com profile] starandrea 's First series on her website a few days ago. I always end up starting from the beginning. I told her I would gladly go through and send her sentences with missing apostrophes and ellipses and all that. Of course I get to First Year and remember that it always takes me awhile to actually read the first few chapters cause I don't prefer the beginning of it. So I wentt and reread Extraspace and the rest of the smaller stories that take place before First Year *can you tell I was procrastinating?*

Then of course *you* have to go and update Last Bell which meant I got sidetracked rereading that and the update. Which I absolutely adored by the way ♥

Then I decided I wanted to reread all the SPD stories and *gah* I was very soundly sidetracked:)
Of course it now means that I really want to see what happens with Team Building  with Jack Landors*hint hint*

However that does not mean I will not actually be doing what I said I would do. I will, just maybe not right now. Probably. More than likely. Besides I still have Jungle Fury to get through and ooohhhh shiny!!!

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Cool. [info]starandrea posted a link to RoseQoull. I think it's great. I just can't get the icon I want to work when I post. *grumbles*



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