Dec. 1st, 2009

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So I have been into NCIS:LA (of course:) since it premiered and I'm loving it. I love my 3 new icons for the show! I could gush all day about it, but I will say the characters chemistry (especially Callen and Sam) and their frickin lines are brilliant!!

I have also started watching White Collar, that new USA show. Oh my god, with 6 episodes, it has rapidly become a favorite. Again I am going to hype about the chemistry between Neil and Burke, it just awesome in that bromance kinda way. The same can be said especially for NCIS:LA's Sam and Callen! But WC is very funny, I laugh out loud a lot when I watch it on HULU.

*It's on the same time as Numb3rs which I won't stop watching especially since it might be in danger from getting canceled:( Save Numb3rs!! Save the MATH!!! ::laughs::
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So a couple of months ago, I went on another Transformers kick. I wanted to find some good, longer stories. Boy, did I succeed. So here and now I am going to rec this wonderful, brilliantly fantastically written story from over at

Masks by L. Mouse, has become my favoriteTransformers story every, and is one of my top five in favorite story/series. It is 65 chapters and counting and is almost at 500,000 words. It is character driven, has several well thought out plots, and great character and story arcs. The characters, more so the humans (the only TF I've ever seen our the movies, so I ddon't know most of the Bots well) are actually written in character. It's amazing!! And I'm picky when it comes to specifics and this story surpasses everything I could imagine.

This story has the perfect mix of world building, politics (always a hard one), plain old human problems, angst, drama, military situations, etc. And everything works, wonderfully. Please check this story out, you won't be dissapointed.

****Warning**** It has the obvious Threesome in it, and slash (bot relationships). It has an M rating for reference.


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