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I worked 8 hours today. I am dead on my feet. The adoptathon is a great success, when I left we had had over 60 adoptions. That total was probably nearer to 70. And we are going through the night till 10 pm Sunday. 36 hours. I have never seen these many adopted at once. I was the only caregiver in DT and KC for 4 hours. I never set foot in KC. It can usually run itself. DY however0-thank god for volunteers. They are the only reason I got everything done.

I am betaing a STargate SG-1 fic for an author on I was going to get it done and emailed to her by tonight. However considereing I am nowhere near any sort of coherency, I will wait for tomoorw night to actualy read through and beta so I don;t screw anything up.
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I saw it for the first time today and oh my god!!!! It was so good. But lets just say me and Bianca do no make a good match in going to shows. If we had seen this movie on or around opening night we would have been thrown out of teh theaters. I have never been so vocal about a movie before so it is an indication of how much I absolutley loved this movie!!

I got to say thanks to[info]starandrea for a great discussion about Power Rangers and their responsibiities as rangers and more♥. Hopefully we continue it it's interesting.

I am betaing a Brothers and Sisters fic off of as well as a Stargate SG-1 fic from there to. Both are going fine. They are my first real beta jobs and its fun!

PAWS Updates:

Slinky and Asha-they were a pair of cats that had to be adopted out together. they were adopted for aleast 2 months and got returned today. The reason? The owners didn;t feel bonded to them...*snorts* 

Annie and Annabeth-are also cats that had been adopted out together, but were returned today to. They had only been gone like a week.

Nala-a shepherd/chow mix was found wondering round Skokie. IL, she has seperation anxiety and we think she just got out of the adopter's houe somehow.

We did 3 adoptions right off the bat in Kitty City-Louie, Rocco and Rosy and I believe Jewel or Little Guy (the woman had yet to make  adesicion by the time I had left) But those quick adoptions basically did nothing cause we got the 4 cats back.

But what made my day is this:

At work on the weekends we have different rescues come in with dogs like ARF house or Greyhound rescue, today we had ARF house and one of their dogs (i make it a point to meet and remember the dogs they bring) who is 8 or 9 and has been coming back almost every week is hopefully adopted.


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