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Got NCIS season 6 and Moonlight  tonight. Have yet to start either. I orginaly went for season 3 of Brothers & Sistersbut they didn't have it. Nor did they have any seasons from Numb3rs. Not really happy. I really wanted B&S. Though I am happy, delightedly so, they I have  Moonlight, since now I can actually see the last episode which I haven't done in what? 2 years?
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Lets just say this episode was nothing compared to the previews for next week.

spoilers )
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Spoilers )


Spoilers )
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well not really.

I read the description for tonight's Brother's and Sister's and I can't wait I am so excited....

I got Brsingr today. Will probably be done with it tonight-depending.

Trisha got adopted yesterday and she went with another female! I didnlt say good bye cause it hapened after I left. :(

Marty Rusty finally went home this morning-god for a 9 year old he was so happy and excited-he thought he was going for a run.

ANd Fabian to got adopted today-the couple had to chihuahua's and they wer going through AC when I left. The guys see like great people and Fabian should be really happy there.
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I wanted to do a seperate post on this: Brothers and Sisters had to have had one of their best episodes to date last night.

OMG!!! Spoilers )I also saw Nights in Rodanthe with my aunt last week. That movie was probably one of the best movies I have ever see, but had like the worst ending ever.....except not♥

I adore Nickolas Sparks...... )
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I am so excited. Tomorrow Brothers & Sisters Season 2 is coming out and I can't wait. Its one of those shows that I peripherally watched through season one but didn't really get into until the middle of season 2 so, yes I am excited. Especially since ABC doesn't dain to show reruns of this show.

Also, after I get that I am heading to Borders to hopefully get my hands on Brisingr, the last of the Eragon Trilogy. Hopefully the next few day swill be filled with t.v and reading.

Wish me luck^_^


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