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Sivvy got adopted today!!!! She has been there since we opened at Clybourn and was at 26th before that.
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Kinda my morning as in I didn't go to sleep till past 3. I had 2 hours of sleep today.

Lisette got put down last night-she had throat cancer, she was only like a 1 1/2. (Gray cat. She was nuts) There's a lot that I can say about this but I won't cause it wil end up urning into a giant rant and yeah...not going there.

Am going to the movies with Elizabeth and Jasmine tomorrow. I want to see HSM 3. Course for me to do that I have to go with them to watch Saw V. I have only seen the first one. I laughed through it. Not scary.

I wanted to come home and sleep. But I couldn't cause my mom wanted to and there's no way I could have gone to sleep at 4 and go to sleep at any reasonable time friday morning. Yes cause I guarentee I will be up past midnight. Like always.

I am so happy cause [ profile] stargate_ren was finally updated by [ profile] sache8 and [ profile] melyanna . I ♥ them because they made my day.

Course I realized I never watched last week's Grey's Anatomy but oh well, I definitely want to see this weeks though. The preview looks awesome. And apparently so was The Numb3rs preview for this week. I can not remember seeing it and You Tube doesn't have it. Least not that I can find anyway. I will probably end up writing weekly rants/squee's on at least Numb3rs as this season so far is turning out to be the best. I have yet to watch Stargate Atantis from last week. WIll probably watch both episodes friday night or sunday night. It depends cause I work all weekend.

I kinda want to participate in the puppy pile meme that [ profile] starandrea is hosting/advertising but I am not comfortable writing PR fic and thats the only fandom where I could write one. With me anyways. Though I can always try. That reminds me... I wrote a PR fic awhile ago as a first try must post...
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I saw it for the first time today and oh my god!!!! It was so good. But lets just say me and Bianca do no make a good match in going to shows. If we had seen this movie on or around opening night we would have been thrown out of teh theaters. I have never been so vocal about a movie before so it is an indication of how much I absolutley loved this movie!!

I got to say thanks to[info]starandrea for a great discussion about Power Rangers and their responsibiities as rangers and more♥. Hopefully we continue it it's interesting.

I am betaing a Brothers and Sisters fic off of as well as a Stargate SG-1 fic from there to. Both are going fine. They are my first real beta jobs and its fun!

PAWS Updates:

Slinky and Asha-they were a pair of cats that had to be adopted out together. they were adopted for aleast 2 months and got returned today. The reason? The owners didn;t feel bonded to them...*snorts* 

Annie and Annabeth-are also cats that had been adopted out together, but were returned today to. They had only been gone like a week.

Nala-a shepherd/chow mix was found wondering round Skokie. IL, she has seperation anxiety and we think she just got out of the adopter's houe somehow.

We did 3 adoptions right off the bat in Kitty City-Louie, Rocco and Rosy and I believe Jewel or Little Guy (the woman had yet to make  adesicion by the time I had left) But those quick adoptions basically did nothing cause we got the 4 cats back.

But what made my day is this:

At work on the weekends we have different rescues come in with dogs like ARF house or Greyhound rescue, today we had ARF house and one of their dogs (i make it a point to meet and remember the dogs they bring) who is 8 or 9 and has been coming back almost every week is hopefully adopted.

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WOW. It's been awhile since my last post. I have been busy. I have been volunteering at Harmony House since the beginning of the month and have fllen in love with the cats. I have some favorites though and want to adopt a few of them. I have already concluded that as soon as I am able to I am adopting a cat from there-hopefuly in the next couple of years.

I went to a PAWS orientation on Sunday and have spent over 20hours with the dogs combined in the last 5 days. I will be doing more next week since I am off school Wednesday and Thursday-so that means 20 hours in those two days alone along with the 6 hours from Monday and Friday and 3 hours combined from Tuesday and Thursday which I will gladly do as long as I don't get sick.

There are 2 dogs that I have def. fallen in love with. 

Kitsune is  a pembroke Welsh Corgi who is like 5 1/2 and if I could I would take him home. He is the perfect dog for me and my family. He is so laid back and a cuddler. He is sorta depressed since arriving becasue he loves people and was given up by his owner who did not take that good care of him. Whenever someone goes in with him he just wants to be petted and will lay on top of you.

Marty is a 2 year old Siberian Husky-he is so sweet-he is an adults only dog cause he needs a very stable home and exercise and kids can't provide that but oh my god I love him. He is such a sweet heart and will get excited especially whenever someone goes inside his room but he calms down and will lay down and have you pet him for ages.

When I figure out how I will post pictures.

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I went to Harmony House today. Its a no kill cat shelter, and I went for an orientation so I could volunteer. It had the best time. The  cats were so sweet and there are so many of them!! There are a lot of black and white ones, along with black ones that it will take awhile for me to remember who they all are. But my favorite from today was King Friday-he is 15 years old, has no teeth and is declawed but he is so sweet. I will only be able to go on Tuesday and Thursday 6-8, so right after school. The lady, whose name I can't for the life of me remember, said that in time I may be able to help with adoptions, very few volunteers do, since before they apparenlty kept interrupting previous adoptions which they only hold on the weekends.

On a side note I have my Spanish IB exam tomorrow-his I will totally fail and I am not kidding-I will have more on my exam week after my last test on Tuesday.


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