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SO....I got a part time job at PAWS as an animal caregiver, I work like 3-4 days a week. Its so cool, and then I volunteer the rest of the time so nothing really has changed.

Lots of changes and bad news:

We have lost several cats at Harmony House:

Besides Wendy and Mary Joe who had to be put down weeks ago, we lost Relish a black cat, that suddenly died one morning as Jennifer checked on her. We lost Tuffy and King Friday in the same week.

Tuffy had to be rushed to the emergency vet, when they finished with the test, she was in total kidney failure and had shown no previous signs, they put her down.

One of Harmony's staff saw King eating cat litter which is a sign of something bad and when they took him in the test were not good and they had to put him down.

At PAWS, we found out that Otis one of our dogs had to get put down for medical reasons a little while ago. And Jordache a beautiful Himalayan had to be put down for a number of health reasons none of them good.

I have yet to get my first paycheck but it should be happening soon, hopefully.

Random things:

I have not yet been able to buy Anything Goes, John Barrowman's autobiography and am not to happy about it. I have to go by Breaking Dawn sometime soon as I wasn't able to go to the Midnight opener.

Me and my dad have gone to opening night shows for the last 4 weeks in a row.

*Journey to the Center of the Earth
*Dark Night, which I want to see in IMAX and was probably my favorite.
*X-Files I Want to Believe
*The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

All real good movies some more than others but still....I think we are going to another on Friday-maybe.

Oh and this morning when my dad drove me to work, I saw the saddest thing. Someone had hit an opossum, which normally would not have been as gut wrenching but the real sad thing, the part that makes me hate people is that I could see her dead babies, they were on the road all around her.

End Notes:

Saw Journey's End, don't know how I feel about the ending. I loved the goodbye to Donna but Rose's? I don''t whether to love it or dislike it.

Saw Continuum, just finished it like an hour ago, more on that later.

*I think this might be my longest post to date. How exciting.


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