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So I've spent the last hour (relatively speaking) setting up a DreamWidth Account, same user name as LJ but differnt Journal titles. Thanks to [ profile] starandrea I have a somewhat basic understanding on how it works. It really shouldn't be that hard but I am very very tired.

In other news-Nikki (my aunt and uncle's 17 year old dog) was put to sleep last week. I was suppose to go over there to say goodby but they never told us. We found out tonight. I will miss her a lot, we practically grew up together, but I am really glad she isn't suffering anymore.

Elizabeth (her family) is putting Tiffy down later this week. She is at least 16 and can barely walk, but I got the chance to say goodby last night.

My dad and I saw Nght at the Museum and Terminator:Salvation last night. More on those tomorrow. I work in KC and not DT tomorrow, which will be weird, but I have mOnday and Wednesday off next week. Two days Yipee!!


Mar. 8th, 2009 09:13 pm
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So Scruffy doesn't like thunder. Saturday morning he wound up in my parents ned at 5:30. He stayed there for half an hour till my mom moved her arm, jumped off and went to lay with my sister in her bed for awhile.

Last night, well actually this morning round 5 there was one roll of thunder. I literally heard him get up and walk straight itno mine and my sisters room. He whined for a little, I joined hm on the floor. He jumped up in bed with my sister for seconds, jumped back down and curled up in front ofthe beanie baby cabinet for over half an hour.

We left him all alone for the first time earlier tonight for about 3 hours and he was fine.
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So we adopted Scruffy today. I brought him home friday and saturday night for a sleep over. I just wanted to get him ou of his little room cause he hadn't been for months.

Course my parents fell in love with him and we got permission from Elaine (our landlord) to adopt him.

I am so so so so very happy. He is perfect for us.


Dec. 26th, 2008 08:20 pm
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So I worked 8-4 christmas eve. Almost had a major crisis that day (that I am not willing to go into) that would have probably resulted in me not being able to get to my Aunt Cindy's house. It didn't happen.

So I got picked up at 4 and me and my mom, dad and sister drove straight to their house, got their round 6. So my dad has 6 sisters-everyone is married, all have kids, grand kids-the youngest is 2 I believe.  Usually it's chaos loud as hell. It was surprisingly calm and I had fun. My cousin Denny lives in Arizona, we haven't seen him for 5 years, was there with his fiancee. It was like he had never left.

I am in the grab bag this year since I turned 18. I got my 40 dollar Best Buy gift card-I can buy season 5 NCIS. Auntie Jeanette who wasn't suppose to, gave me The Tales of Beetle the Bard by J.K Rowling-It totally made my night-I was so happy.

Then we had dessert-Auntie Vicki is a dessert goddess. She always makes dozens of cookies mostly chocolate chip but others as well. She also makes cakes. Her siblings (my dad and the other 5 sisters) love and fight over the cakes. This year, she unveiled boxes of dessert.

1 cheese cake
1 carrot cake
1 tray of cream puffs

For EVERY sibling!! She passed all that out and *kidding you not* every one put it instantly in their separate cars.

Towards the end of the night I got to talking to Kathy (Denny's fiancee), I love her-we ended up talking about books for half an hour. I can't wait for this weekend (surprise wedding shower).

I got home at like 11:30. At this point I am just exhausted, end up not getting to bed till 1, had to go to my mom's brother's christmas day at 12:30. Oh fun.

I was out of it, totally utterly exhausted the whole day. I got my NCIS season 4 from my aunt (knew I was getting that or 5) *actually watching season 4 now Twisted Sister.*

I also got money and Eileen (my grandpa's girlfriend) got me this great looking battery operated razor, a turbie for toweling your hair after a shower, a pajama set and a bracelet. We all got these wonderful gifts from her.

My little 4 year old cousin made out the best. She got a bunch of princess clothes, a crown, boa, skirt. She also got a baby doll with accessories which she loved. Oh and she also got a castle. An actual castle tent-she also loved-we set it up and she spent as much time as possible in it before they had to go.

I however spent the last 3 ours we were there, taking cat naps, that is how exhausted I was. My reactions were so delayed.

I went to sleep round 1 last night and had to work 8-4 today-I need sleep. However I am really glad I am not at work this weekend. It will be utter chaos. We will have 3 maybe four rooms empty tomorrow-we are getting 12 dogs and need at least 6 dogs. Yeah...So not going there.

Tiger-a border collie/chow mix
Ryno-a shepard mix (puppy)

were returned. Maddie also was supposed to be getting returned. She was suppose to be there at 3, but wasn't there when I left around 4:30. Hopefully her adopters changed her mind.

My dad and I are going to a 10:15 showing of Bedtime Stories, tonight. I have to up tomorrow for the wedding shower.
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Chrissy one of our dogs got loose at 26th street. Hasn't been found yet. Ironic thing is-the same thing happened last year around this time-we only got her back from another shelter a couple of months ago.

We got a 9 month old pure bred ST. Bernard puppy in today- he is shaved so he has this fluffy head and tail and almost no fur on the rest of him. He is HUGE. And I mean HUGE!!!! Like almost Maddie size big, or will be when he has put on weight and stops growing.

Bandit got adopted today. He is a 12 year old Llasa Apso that we have had for awhile cause he was old. He was everyone's favorite.

I had one of the busiest days at work today and I have to do it all again tomorrow.

Plus I have to go to Elizabeth's and watch Misty for her. Neither of our cells functioned properly over the last 2 days so we had a miscommuncation problem. Got settled but we are not happy with our phones right now.

And I am working everyday until Friday. Oh joy.

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I saw it for the first time today and oh my god!!!! It was so good. But lets just say me and Bianca do no make a good match in going to shows. If we had seen this movie on or around opening night we would have been thrown out of teh theaters. I have never been so vocal about a movie before so it is an indication of how much I absolutley loved this movie!!

I got to say thanks to[info]starandrea for a great discussion about Power Rangers and their responsibiities as rangers and more♥. Hopefully we continue it it's interesting.

I am betaing a Brothers and Sisters fic off of as well as a Stargate SG-1 fic from there to. Both are going fine. They are my first real beta jobs and its fun!

PAWS Updates:

Slinky and Asha-they were a pair of cats that had to be adopted out together. they were adopted for aleast 2 months and got returned today. The reason? The owners didn;t feel bonded to them...*snorts* 

Annie and Annabeth-are also cats that had been adopted out together, but were returned today to. They had only been gone like a week.

Nala-a shepherd/chow mix was found wondering round Skokie. IL, she has seperation anxiety and we think she just got out of the adopter's houe somehow.

We did 3 adoptions right off the bat in Kitty City-Louie, Rocco and Rosy and I believe Jewel or Little Guy (the woman had yet to make  adesicion by the time I had left) But those quick adoptions basically did nothing cause we got the 4 cats back.

But what made my day is this:

At work on the weekends we have different rescues come in with dogs like ARF house or Greyhound rescue, today we had ARF house and one of their dogs (i make it a point to meet and remember the dogs they bring) who is 8 or 9 and has been coming back almost every week is hopefully adopted.

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I get to PAWs today and right away I notice all the new dogs. This is normal especially when I don't go for a few days. However I noticed something was off rigt away. Marty was missing, Zeus the Mastiff was in his room. I did not panic merely thinking he had been moved.

He was ADOPTED!!! Normally that would be great but this would be his 4th time and well just yeah:(. I didn't say goodbye on Friday like I normally do, I honestly though he would be there like always today.

He was my favorite and i will miss him, I just wish he would have been able to go to Colorado.

Another pic

May. 8th, 2008 09:16 pm
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Now I just have to figure out the gallery stuff, since I have 2 and I don't now how I did that....

This is Percy, he is an 11 month old hound mix. He is a sweetheart, loves people but is a little shy at first.

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Marty 1Marty 1

This is Marty a Husky, he has been at PAWs Chicago since January
Kitsune 1Kitsune 1

This is Kitsune, he was adopted 2 weeks ago.


Sad Day

Apr. 21st, 2008 09:34 pm
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I get to PAWS today after school. Only 7 dogs that were there on Friday remained the rest had all been adopted. 

Kitsune was one of them. I was sad but happy that he had finally gotten adopted. So many others had gotten adopted to. And Bear I think is finally getting adopted, he is a sweet heart-a sheppard/rottweiler mix.

Marty is still there and as much as I move him he really needs a home-he like all huskies does not like staying confined for long stretches.

Again as son as possible I will post pictures. 
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WOW. It's been awhile since my last post. I have been busy. I have been volunteering at Harmony House since the beginning of the month and have fllen in love with the cats. I have some favorites though and want to adopt a few of them. I have already concluded that as soon as I am able to I am adopting a cat from there-hopefuly in the next couple of years.

I went to a PAWS orientation on Sunday and have spent over 20hours with the dogs combined in the last 5 days. I will be doing more next week since I am off school Wednesday and Thursday-so that means 20 hours in those two days alone along with the 6 hours from Monday and Friday and 3 hours combined from Tuesday and Thursday which I will gladly do as long as I don't get sick.

There are 2 dogs that I have def. fallen in love with. 

Kitsune is  a pembroke Welsh Corgi who is like 5 1/2 and if I could I would take him home. He is the perfect dog for me and my family. He is so laid back and a cuddler. He is sorta depressed since arriving becasue he loves people and was given up by his owner who did not take that good care of him. Whenever someone goes in with him he just wants to be petted and will lay on top of you.

Marty is a 2 year old Siberian Husky-he is so sweet-he is an adults only dog cause he needs a very stable home and exercise and kids can't provide that but oh my god I love him. He is such a sweet heart and will get excited especially whenever someone goes inside his room but he calms down and will lay down and have you pet him for ages.

When I figure out how I will post pictures.


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