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So I started rereading [ profile] starandrea 's First series on her website a few days ago. I always end up starting from the beginning. I told her I would gladly go through and send her sentences with missing apostrophes and ellipses and all that. Of course I get to First Year and remember that it always takes me awhile to actually read the first few chapters cause I don't prefer the beginning of it. So I wentt and reread Extraspace and the rest of the smaller stories that take place before First Year *can you tell I was procrastinating?*

Then of course *you* have to go and update Last Bell which meant I got sidetracked rereading that and the update. Which I absolutely adored by the way ♥

Then I decided I wanted to reread all the SPD stories and *gah* I was very soundly sidetracked:)
Of course it now means that I really want to see what happens with Team Building  with Jack Landors*hint hint*

However that does not mean I will not actually be doing what I said I would do. I will, just maybe not right now. Probably. More than likely. Besides I still have Jungle Fury to get through and ooohhhh shiny!!!

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Okay so I met a guy. One of Elizabeth's friends that I was introduced to like 2 weeks ago during a 3 person birthday party. I have zip, zero, nada experiance with this so it's extremely slow going. ANd I don't know really how to feel. I know I like him but whether in a good friend kinda way or more is still kinda up in the air. Considering he is away at school it will have to wait until we go out in person.
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So I slept over at Elizabeth's last night. She leave for school on Sunday so we had our final goodbye before I left her house. I am dead tired, literally.

I watched the premiere of Flashpoint-I swear Amy Jo Johnson is not the only former Power Ranger on the show. All the main characters looked fracking familiar, I just don't know from where.

Numb3rs had without a doubt on of the best episodes ever tonight. Arrow of Time was beyond amazing. I will have a reaction post later once I get sleep, but wow.


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:30 pm
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I am at Elizabeth's dog sitting Misty. I had absolutely no trouble with her. It's great!

I still am not sure what i want to write for Nano. I really want to do a NS and JF team up but at the same time I don;t thik i can right what I picture in my head really well.

The other story I want to write wouldn't really be a story. You see for years now, I have made up stories in my head. It's been away to help me sleep. I can with utter certainty write up these scenes. But the thing is it would just be a life story. No real mystery to be solved, nothing big just scenes that I have "written" or told myself for years. I can saafely say I can write a lot on just the one I want to. let alne full pass the Nano limit if I was willing to actually type out a story I have had going so to speak since i was 10? Maybe 11.

I would like to do Stargate but I would have no plot just characters and well..yeah that can't happen with SG-1 or SGA

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Chrissy one of our dogs got loose at 26th street. Hasn't been found yet. Ironic thing is-the same thing happened last year around this time-we only got her back from another shelter a couple of months ago.

We got a 9 month old pure bred ST. Bernard puppy in today- he is shaved so he has this fluffy head and tail and almost no fur on the rest of him. He is HUGE. And I mean HUGE!!!! Like almost Maddie size big, or will be when he has put on weight and stops growing.

Bandit got adopted today. He is a 12 year old Llasa Apso that we have had for awhile cause he was old. He was everyone's favorite.

I had one of the busiest days at work today and I have to do it all again tomorrow.

Plus I have to go to Elizabeth's and watch Misty for her. Neither of our cells functioned properly over the last 2 days so we had a miscommuncation problem. Got settled but we are not happy with our phones right now.

And I am working everyday until Friday. Oh joy.

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Kinda my morning as in I didn't go to sleep till past 3. I had 2 hours of sleep today.

Lisette got put down last night-she had throat cancer, she was only like a 1 1/2. (Gray cat. She was nuts) There's a lot that I can say about this but I won't cause it wil end up urning into a giant rant and yeah...not going there.

Am going to the movies with Elizabeth and Jasmine tomorrow. I want to see HSM 3. Course for me to do that I have to go with them to watch Saw V. I have only seen the first one. I laughed through it. Not scary.

I wanted to come home and sleep. But I couldn't cause my mom wanted to and there's no way I could have gone to sleep at 4 and go to sleep at any reasonable time friday morning. Yes cause I guarentee I will be up past midnight. Like always.

I am so happy cause [ profile] stargate_ren was finally updated by [ profile] sache8 and [ profile] melyanna . I ♥ them because they made my day.

Course I realized I never watched last week's Grey's Anatomy but oh well, I definitely want to see this weeks though. The preview looks awesome. And apparently so was The Numb3rs preview for this week. I can not remember seeing it and You Tube doesn't have it. Least not that I can find anyway. I will probably end up writing weekly rants/squee's on at least Numb3rs as this season so far is turning out to be the best. I have yet to watch Stargate Atantis from last week. WIll probably watch both episodes friday night or sunday night. It depends cause I work all weekend.

I kinda want to participate in the puppy pile meme that [ profile] starandrea is hosting/advertising but I am not comfortable writing PR fic and thats the only fandom where I could write one. With me anyways. Though I can always try. That reminds me... I wrote a PR fic awhile ago as a first try must post...


May. 16th, 2008 05:42 pm
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Okay, I am going shopping for a prom dress sometime in the next few minutes. Wish me luck!!!

omg. Curie sent me pictures of her puppies. They are so cute!!! I love their names- Bleaker and Elmo. Sweet^_^ 


May. 13th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Okay so I am actually going to prom now. Elizabeth and I along with Becca are going dress shopping on Friday. So in short, I have to buy a ticket. Wish me luck:)

In other news I got to PAWs today and we have a dog name Trisha. It was so weird whenever I would say her name. Also Zeus-the Mastiff-that went home yesterday, is being RETURNED!!! I was not happy with that. Frankie a 1 year old black lab is hopefully being adopted^_^. Sheeba a 10 year old Akita that has Kennel Cough is doing a lot better, she is almost like a whole different dog. Much more energy.

At Harmony-Meredith Grey, the friendliest cat on the 3rd floor was adopted over the weekend. I also may be going there on Sunday for a 3 mile marathon-maybe, it depends since my dads birthday is that saturday.

I had my Spanish IB exam, I hope to God I got at least a 3 on it. It was like one of the tests we have in class so maybe. I have Paper 1&2 in IB Biology tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

Plus I have finally read Twilight and New Moon after years of my friends telling me to. OMG I love them!! Hopefully someone will bring Eclipse tomorrow. Hopefully!


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