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So Kenny is picking me up round 5:30. We are going to eat then go see Underworld at 7:45.

I found out that an email had been sent out for a get together/party at Kate's for tonight. I never got it and it was tonight at like 7 or 8 so I of course can't go.

I am going through a Gilmore Girls obsession period. I am now on season 6. I never realized how truly funny this show was I laugh my head off. Plus I love Logan. I mean yeah there are reasons I like Dean and Jess, especially early Dean. I hate the season 5 Dean a lot.

Have to finish getting ready.

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Lorelai: "Spread the word"
Luke: "I haven't even said I 'd come yet so I am certainly not going to suddenly become your messenger boy."
(Lorelai stares at Luke)
Lorelai: "Seven".

Lorelai: "You know you're right people have to much stuff".
Rory: "Says the woman who has 64 pairs of shoes".
Lorelai: "Thus proving my point".
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Lorelai: "Was it at least a big bell."

Lorelai: "What country is she from?"
Emily: "one of those little ones next to Mexico".

Rory: "I hate that he is miserable"
Emily:"So do I. We really ouaghta do something."
Rory: "Yes I agree".

Lorelai: "Warning, Warning".
Emily: "I am glad that you said that Rory, cause I thought of a wonderful way to cheer him up".
Lorelai: "Danger Will Robinson, danger".
Emily: An oil portrait of you for his study.
Rory: "An oil portrait?"
Lorelai: "I tried have fun".

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Lorelai: Luke, Stella got out and I don't know, do I put seed on the floor, do I make cheeping sounds or do I pull a Lucy Ricardo and walk like a chicken so she things I'm her mother?
Luke: Who the hell is this?
Lorelai: What do you mean who is this? It's Lorelai, who else would call you looking for her baby chick?
Luke: You're right. I'm the idiot. Go on.

This highly amuses me for some reason. As you can see I am on a Gilmore Girl kick. ^_^
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Lorelia: My clock didn't purr at the right time, so I was late.
Luke: It didn't purr?...
Lorelai: It's fuzzy, it purrs.

disc sets

Dec. 30th, 2008 06:52 pm
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I have been watching season 4 of NCIS off and on since I got it. My sister has people over and I stopped watching Grace Period because it's not an episode you watch where there is loud laughter.

I went to get season 5 on sunday but both Best Buy's that I went to didn't have it. However my dad told me to go buy something else. Ha. big mistake. I got the complete series of Gilmore Girls. It was on sale and with my 40 dollar gift card, it was 130 bucks. Totally worth it especially since even with me already owning seson 6 it was still a steal.

I am now currently watching the Pilot of Gilmore Girls. The case everything came with is great. It included to little booklets. !) the episode guide and 2) the gilmore-ism's. I repeat so cool. The geek in me comes out.

Now I have to wait for season 5. Auntie Joyce and I are probably going to go see Marley and Me on Sunday.

Ziva: I have had enough of dead men walking.

Lorelai: Oh dear god almighty. That's incredible!

Lane: Mom?
Mrs. Kim: Lane?
Lane: Mom?
Mrs. Kim: Lane?
Lane: Mom, where are you?
Mrs. Kim: Lane, where are you?
Lane: Back here
Mrs. Kim: Over here
Rory: I think she's that way.
Lane: Are we closer?
Mrs. Kim: I'm by the tables
Rory: She's kidding right?
Lane: Look we'll meet you in the kitchen
Mrs. Kim: What?
Lane: The kitchen


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