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I have fallen under the spell of the wonderful story Drummer by Lady Bluejay over at I loved the Prequel, but for some odd reason Drummer and the main characters Amroth and Devoran really, really intrigue me. She writes them so well.

I have literally reread it five times in the last week as I eagerly await chapter 9. I am in fact rereading it right now.^_^

In other news:

I have hit a big brick wall, in regards to Standing Ground. I have the outline for chapter 8 written, I have started writing the beginning. However that is it...I know what I want to write, I just can't seem to get over this brick wall long enough for all those little steps to come together and make it legible:(

I hopefully will have some long winded thing up by mid/end of July. Hopefully ::sheepish grin::
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General Disclaimer: I do not own Jungle Fury or Power Rangers.


AN: Sorry I took so long to update, guys. My muse wanted to get ahead in the plot without the build up behind it so I have been arguing with my muse (read: myself) for weeks. That and I struggled with this chapter several times scrapping previous versions before I settled on this one.


So for my apology, I give you a chapter solely devoted to Casey and RJ. Well, mostly anyway. You should all thank ChildofDarkness1988, my wonderful beta, who made this part enjoyable to read. Thank You!!




Especially since, unlike Casey, Swoop would have some idea about what was actually going on. )
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In the process of writing chapter 7 of Standing Ground. I am aiming to have the chapter out by tomorrow night/early Thursday morning. It depends on how much I decide to include in this chapter and how much RJ and Casey want to talk cause right now its a lot.

NCIS was really good. I absolutely adored the ending. Ducky was awesome. *giggles* Poor poor McGee.

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General Disclaimer: I do not own Lily or Theo or Fran….Nor I own anything else related to Jungle fury.

AN: So I made a resolution-Every chapter from now on will be longer than the last. I will try to uphold this to the best of my abilities unless a chapter meets a natural endpoint and I can find no way to justifiably extend it. This means in the end, that you all can look forward to a chapter that has more than 2,021 words and is more than five pages.

Previous Parts: One Two Three Four Five


“Seven years, Dom.” RJ abruptly said after several moments of silence. )
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General Disclaimer: No I don’t own RJ or Casey or Dom. Dang.

AN: So who else saw PR: RPM? It was epic, one of the better premieres in my opinion.

Hello to you to dad,” RJ blithely answered, “Nice of you to drop bye,” he continued sarcastically. )
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General Disclaimer: No I don’t own Jungle Fury. Stop asking.

AN: So as you may have noticed, this story finally has a title! Thanks to ChildofDarkness1988 over at FF.Net, it is now called Standing Ground.

Sorry this took so long, I got side tracked reading Of Love and Bunnies by CrazyGirl47 again over at FF.Net. *NEVER* Read any of that story after midnight!


‘That’s it’. Lily’s head snapped up as an expression similar to that of a person who’s suddenly had an epiphany flashed over her face. )
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My aunt had a heart attack this morning (she’s fine), and I have to work over 20 hours the next 2 days but I wanted to get something out now in case I am not able to for a few days.

Despite the last few months his relationship with his father was not in any way in his mind classified as ‘okay’ )
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AN: This time I want to try a chapter JF story. I have an idea, just a scene really that I really want to write. However I need a back story that will lead up to it. So here it is.

It will be RJ/Casey and maybe some Dom/Fran if I feel comfortable enough. I have never written anything relationship based so this is new territory. Any criticism is welcomed just no flames. This will more than likely start out fast meaning I may post something every day if I really feel like writing but it will more than likely slow down when I really get into the plot.

Okay here is the first chapter.

Read more... )

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So here is another random try at Power Rangers fic. I don't think I will ever be able to comforatably write any season but JF is just easier for me.

Girls...are insane. )
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This has got to be one of my favorite seasons ever. To think I wasn't interested in it when it started. The ending was awesome. I had trouble associating the Jarrod we saw at the end to the one from the beginning. It seemed like a stretch but that's Power Rangers.

Flit was awesome!! Theo and Lily are so cute and so obvious. It's like Andros and Ashley all over again. And Fran. God she has got to be one of my favorite PR characters ever.

I totally agree with [info]starandrea in PR world, Dom and Fran are totally married. That whole ending scene was so sweet. I loved Casey teaching at the acedemy. It was a great circle, from cub to master.

Was anyone else a little thrown off by the costumes  that Swoop, Finn and Phant and the other masters wore, in the fight scene? I was. It just didn't mesh, to fake. I think they could have done better, even by PR standards. But besides that the whole ending was one of the best yet in my opinion.

I kinda equaled the Jarrod/Camille goodness to Jindrax and Toxica from WF, it makes a weird parallel.



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I was inadvertanly in charge at work today. At least in the morning.

I also still have to finish watcing Jungle Fury. I didn;t realize how many episodes I missed. I think I have four left. Five at most.

Jungle Fury

Dec. 2nd, 2008 11:35 pm
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I am currently watching all the JF episodes I have missed. I am remembering why I liked the season. A lot.

I am also going through another Twilight phase. I am searching for all the Jasper fics out there. He really is the one character I want to know more about. I would love to see/read about is and Alice's relationship either by Stephanie Myer's or really good, preferably long fics. Can anyone reccomend any?

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So I had another go at[info]starandrea's puppy pile matching meme. Jungle Fury this time.....


Puppy Pile: JF Style )

I kinda signed up for Nano, and I kinda want to do a JF and NS team up, or meet up-so feed back is really welcomed ♥ 

Puppy Pile Matching Meme! If you're reading this, you're invited to write a puppy pile of any size and post it to your journal. For each puppy pile you write, starandrea will match it with another (not necessarily from the same fandom) until we have a little puppy pile of love and fic!

("puppy pile" - wherein multiple people pile on top of or beside each other in a friendly way.)

To play, all you have to do is write a puppy pile and tell starandrea where it is at If you want to invite others to play, just post this meme description at the top or bottom of your story (or picture, poem, or other media).


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