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Got NCIS season 6 and Moonlight  tonight. Have yet to start either. I orginaly went for season 3 of Brothers & Sistersbut they didn't have it. Nor did they have any seasons from Numb3rs. Not really happy. I really wanted B&S. Though I am happy, delightedly so, they I have  Moonlight, since now I can actually see the last episode which I haven't done in what? 2 years?
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Moonlight has apparently been cancelled since the people at CBS are MORONS. This was the best new show of the season, if the not one of the best overall.

It had a very dedicated fanbase and steady ratings that matched all 15 episodes despite the strike. Hopefully this will change by tomorrow or ML will be picked up by CW, which would make it, the highest rated show on the Network.

It just pisses me off, hello CBS!!! The fans held  a BLOOD DRIVE for chrisakes!! does that mean anything!!! People are in such an uprora about this. So much so that this:

Over at, in an article about Jimmy Fallon, this little tidbit showed up in a paragraph about CBS:

If "Moonlight" gets canceled, the Save Our Show campaign will likely make the "Jericho" peanuts thing look like amateur hour, so the vampire show might get renewed out of fear.

We can only hope. 

copied from:[profile] moonlight_tv

is a very high possibility.
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 Title: Forgive
Rating: G
Character: Joseph
Genre: General
Warnings: spoilers for Fated to Pretend

Forgive )


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