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So when my dad got home today he took me and Scruffy to the bank to deposit my two checks and for me to get money out. When we finished with that he took me to Best Buy where I bought Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy (I was going to buy the first too but they were out). I still haven't finished 3 but thats besides the point.

I also bought Keith Urban's Defying Gravity and Brad Paisley's Play (which I am kinda regretting since even though I love the guy there are only like 5 songs out of 16 that have lyrics...)

I am listening to Keith's right now, but I am also bored.

I think I am going to reread [ profile] starandrea 's JF fic than her RPM stuff (all the while fighting the urge to rewatch the last  6 episodes) I am more than likely going to that on Monday when I don't have to work.

On that note I am going to work tomorrow but considering I still feel like crap I may have to leave early.

The stuff my mom ordered for Scruffy came today. She got him a stuffed (musical) violin, that actually has cool music. He hasn't yet figured out how to work it but I am waiting to be woken up in the middle of the night by it. She also ordered him a red version of the blue sqeajy ball that he has. I loved this cause instead of red a green one came! She also ordered a retractable leash, which I didn't want in the first place but my dad did. However, she bought a nice,expensive one, that actually seems you know worth the price. She bought the one for dogs up to 110 pounds (Scruffy's like 54) but it doesn;t just have the 'string' leash, the actual line is about an inch thich and it seems to be made of strong material. It also came with a safety collar so to speak, something that you can hook on to the leash like a second collar (along with the original) if something were to happen to the orignal. It's a Flexi product so at this point its something I am comfortable to try and use. The only problem will be getting my dad to use it properly.

*I need a Scruffy icon ♥
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I think I have a new favorite song. Its "Man of the House"  by Chuck Wicks. Its a really good song that is true for our society.


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