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NaNo will be harder than I thought. The story is in my head, scene upon scene, dialouge, detail everything. But when it comes to writing it down? Its hard because all that detail everything that comes to my mind so easily suddenly is so hard to capture....

My new obsession NCIS. I really want to write fic about it. ANd I may have seen maybe half of teh series wih the amount of reruns-I don't think I can truly capture the characters in writing.


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:30 pm
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I am at Elizabeth's dog sitting Misty. I had absolutely no trouble with her. It's great!

I still am not sure what i want to write for Nano. I really want to do a NS and JF team up but at the same time I don;t thik i can right what I picture in my head really well.

The other story I want to write wouldn't really be a story. You see for years now, I have made up stories in my head. It's been away to help me sleep. I can with utter certainty write up these scenes. But the thing is it would just be a life story. No real mystery to be solved, nothing big just scenes that I have "written" or told myself for years. I can saafely say I can write a lot on just the one I want to. let alne full pass the Nano limit if I was willing to actually type out a story I have had going so to speak since i was 10? Maybe 11.

I would like to do Stargate but I would have no plot just characters and well..yeah that can't happen with SG-1 or SGA


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