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I just realized something. In Prince Caspian, Caspian and the professor, enter his wardrobe to escape the soldiers.

Isn't it ironic that Caspian begins his journey to Narnia, like the Pevensie's? Through a wardrobe?

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I accidentally just found one of-in my opinion-greatest CoN writers on the planet. Or at least of what I have read. I check for updates and one of  [ profile] libraryofanvard or Lirenel stories came up I went to her profile and saw the link for her comm. And have spent the last few hours reading all her fics and commentaries.

They are amazing!* While I do not agree with all of her opinions/beliefs,  not religious being one of them, and how that relates to the Chronicles. I do love her stories. Plus she is a believer in the books and I am..not. I read Magician's Nephew, liked it even. I read LWW but nothing. I couldn't get myself to read more, and can barely remember what I read in LWW. I don't know if its because I read it last year for the first time or what. It's just that everyone says that the books are amazing and I just didn't see it. Okay sorry for the tangent....

She def. writes book canon more than movie but I love how she writes the Pevensies anyway. One of my favorite things about what she writes is that it's gen!! I find that amazing especially since most of the stories on are Suspian (which I like fine if it's written really well and logical) or incest/slash which for CoN NEVER EVER WORKS!!!.

Her story Terror Gold is fabulous and I can picture the events happening.
Totally just wanted to rant about her work since I am so happy to find stories that I actually like!! That are gen, in character, and great and and...well you get the picture  ♥

*totally just scared myself to death, was typing to fast and ended up deleting everything I wrote. Thank god for the undo button.


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