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Got NCIS season 6 and Moonlight  tonight. Have yet to start either. I orginaly went for season 3 of Brothers & Sistersbut they didn't have it. Nor did they have any seasons from Numb3rs. Not really happy. I really wanted B&S. Though I am happy, delightedly so, they I have  Moonlight, since now I can actually see the last episode which I haven't done in what? 2 years?


Dec. 19th, 2008 09:07 pm
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*whimpers* Charlie your's, it's, it's....*wails* gone!!!!!!


*ahem, now I wil grovel quietly. All that hair, beautiful hair. Gone. *snifffles*
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Kinda my morning as in I didn't go to sleep till past 3. I had 2 hours of sleep today.

Lisette got put down last night-she had throat cancer, she was only like a 1 1/2. (Gray cat. She was nuts) There's a lot that I can say about this but I won't cause it wil end up urning into a giant rant and yeah...not going there.

Am going to the movies with Elizabeth and Jasmine tomorrow. I want to see HSM 3. Course for me to do that I have to go with them to watch Saw V. I have only seen the first one. I laughed through it. Not scary.

I wanted to come home and sleep. But I couldn't cause my mom wanted to and there's no way I could have gone to sleep at 4 and go to sleep at any reasonable time friday morning. Yes cause I guarentee I will be up past midnight. Like always.

I am so happy cause [ profile] stargate_ren was finally updated by [ profile] sache8 and [ profile] melyanna . I ♥ them because they made my day.

Course I realized I never watched last week's Grey's Anatomy but oh well, I definitely want to see this weeks though. The preview looks awesome. And apparently so was The Numb3rs preview for this week. I can not remember seeing it and You Tube doesn't have it. Least not that I can find anyway. I will probably end up writing weekly rants/squee's on at least Numb3rs as this season so far is turning out to be the best. I have yet to watch Stargate Atantis from last week. WIll probably watch both episodes friday night or sunday night. It depends cause I work all weekend.

I kinda want to participate in the puppy pile meme that [ profile] starandrea is hosting/advertising but I am not comfortable writing PR fic and thats the only fandom where I could write one. With me anyways. Though I can always try. That reminds me... I wrote a PR fic awhile ago as a first try must post...


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