Dec. 19th, 2009 10:32 pm
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There are times when I wish I didn't live at home. The way my mom talks to me sometimes, I really wish I had went off to school after graduation.
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Today's been one hell of a day. Work was exhausting. It was just so busy. And then I had to deal with my drunk parents who decided Sunday would be a god day to go to Mickey's. That always involves screaming and arguing and tonight was no different. I mean at 9 it felt like it was midnight and even now it feels like early morning. I'm exhausted but awake enough that its to early to sleep.


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I'm sitting in a Hilton hotel room with direct internet access. Obviously. It's my Grandfather's 75th birthday party since his actual birthday is a couple of weeks from now.

We are on our way to mini golf. Me, my dad, grandpa and my siter and 3 cousins.

I finally got Cold Moon Rising. I had to go to the Barnes&Noble by my work on wednesday but I got it. I am going to reread it before I post a reaction/review to it. I am also toying with the idea of writing reviews for all the other books of the series since I really can gush about all of them.

I have to be at work tomorrow at 1, but atleast I got today off.
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Walter Cronkite
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Stupid 4th of July:( Currently trying to keep Scruffy from panicking. Mildly succesful, he's thrown up twice but only in the last 2 hours.

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So I am exhausted. Really. I am going to work the next two weeks without a day off, and my last day off was wednesday.

I saw Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I will have reaction posts up sometime soon.

I also will have a post about the NCIS episode(s) Legend (Parts 1&2) and the latest episode of Numb3rs since each deserves it's own post.

Truly am exhausted. Three people out at work and only 3 of us to really cover, I need a break but that isn't happening anytime soon.

Got the Southern Vampire Mysteries (the Sookie Stackhouse books, what the HBO series Trueblood is based off of) last week (books 1 through 8) read all in 2 1/2 days. I'll post about that as well. Book 9 is only out in hardcover so I will probably read it in the store and buy it later.

Don't be expecting any new chapters for Standing Ground, anytime soon. I need to be mildly coherent as I write that and I'm just not. (It's taken me a long time to write this post because I keep misspelling. My mobile functions are lacking)
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I love the new Internet Explorer 8. My computer for some reason wouldn't 'wake up' just now and so I turned it off and on. I opened up the internet and was given the option to restore what I had up before. Thank God. I was in the middle of rereading Pandora147's Someday Trilogy from FF.Net and didn't remember where I left off. I got distracted by Deadliest Catch.

On that note:

On October 22, 2008, the Fishing Vessel Katmai sunk off the west coast of Alaska. After 17 hours spent in raft boats in hurricane weather, survivors were rescued.

Of the 11 people that made up the crew of the Katmai , there were four survivors. The captain, a deckhand and two greenhorns. The chief engineer went down with the ship, four were found by the coast guard and two other fishing vessels respectfully and two were lost at sea.


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So Scruffy is doing fine. His hotspots are already scabbing away and thanks to that spray he is barely scratching anymore. However givining him his ear drops is another story. I had to bring home a muzzle from work so we could give them to him. He is suppose to get them twice  a day but that isn't happening. Mainly because two of us need to do it, me and my dad, and I am the only one that remembers and since I get up later for work it doesn;t get done in the morning. I am pissed at my parents because they don't unerstand that if this doesn't happen he will get an actual ear infection and be ten times worse.

I also want to see season 3 of Robin Hood but its not airing yet in America and it really not worth spending 60-70 dollars each, to buy the pevious season when there are only 26 episodes between them.

I also want Doctor Who season 4, usually we get this from my dad's boss but that didn't happen this year.

I am egerly waitiing for the fifth season box set of Stargate Atlantis and the fall premiere of Stargate Universe. I don't know how I feel about this yet. With Atlantis I remember thinking I would watch the pilot and se how it goes.  I very seriously thought I would end up watching it out of obligation of my love for Stargate SG-1. That didn't happen, obviously, however I also think this about Universe, which I fear has a higher possibility of actually happening because it really isn't Stargate.

In a different world-Power Rangers: RPM  is awesome!! Totally made of win  ♥   ♥

And thanks to [ profile] starandrea , I once again have a different canon view of this show just like I had with Space. Though What I Owe You and Dare You to Ask isn't so much a fix it story to have the series make sense like "First" was (which is canon for me now, so it's very hard to rewatch In Space without going wtf?). No, RPM, surprisingly does a good job at those things called continuity and logic. Her stories are the fluffier relationship version of the show. The Team Building we don't get.

Also the fact that the show itself seems to be pushing a Slim relationship and [ profile] starandrea is making me want a DillonK one, is just another reason I adore her writing*. Guess which one I think is more canon? ::laughs::

I hurt my knee friday night cause I thought it would be fun to slide into the bottom of my stove. I still went to work Saturday and Sunday but I had to spend time icing my knee a couple of times both days. Its hurting me now mainly because I took Scruffy on a walk through the park and didn't think of the fact that I would have to walk around for a half hour straight. I haven't been on it that long consecutively since I fell.

*I am sorry I haven't commented on your last two, by the way, but they are made of fluff and love :giggles::  ♥
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So when my dad got home today he took me and Scruffy to the bank to deposit my two checks and for me to get money out. When we finished with that he took me to Best Buy where I bought Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy (I was going to buy the first too but they were out). I still haven't finished 3 but thats besides the point.

I also bought Keith Urban's Defying Gravity and Brad Paisley's Play (which I am kinda regretting since even though I love the guy there are only like 5 songs out of 16 that have lyrics...)

I am listening to Keith's right now, but I am also bored.

I think I am going to reread [ profile] starandrea 's JF fic than her RPM stuff (all the while fighting the urge to rewatch the last  6 episodes) I am more than likely going to that on Monday when I don't have to work.

On that note I am going to work tomorrow but considering I still feel like crap I may have to leave early.

The stuff my mom ordered for Scruffy came today. She got him a stuffed (musical) violin, that actually has cool music. He hasn't yet figured out how to work it but I am waiting to be woken up in the middle of the night by it. She also ordered him a red version of the blue sqeajy ball that he has. I loved this cause instead of red a green one came! She also ordered a retractable leash, which I didn't want in the first place but my dad did. However, she bought a nice,expensive one, that actually seems you know worth the price. She bought the one for dogs up to 110 pounds (Scruffy's like 54) but it doesn;t just have the 'string' leash, the actual line is about an inch thich and it seems to be made of strong material. It also came with a safety collar so to speak, something that you can hook on to the leash like a second collar (along with the original) if something were to happen to the orignal. It's a Flexi product so at this point its something I am comfortable to try and use. The only problem will be getting my dad to use it properly.

*I need a Scruffy icon ♥
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I've ben sick for the last few days and today it all came to a head and I actually had to call off of work-which I wasnt happy about because I actually enjoy my job. (For the most part anyway)

So at like 7 (I had gone back to bed in my parents water bed because it was heated and I was freezing) my mom comes in and says here take this antibiotic-Note: I had no idea where it came from at the time but apparently my dad got them prescribed when he was sick a couple of weeks ago.

So I feel better, though it does not help that I walked Scruffy about 3 miles today to go to the PetsSmart by our house, facing the wind. So I was cold.
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Natasha Richardson
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So I went to bed at 3:30 this morning. Not a big deal I do it all the time. The problem was that I could not get to sleep. At all. So in the end after almost 3 hours of lying in bed and listening to my dad and sister get up to got to work/school, I got up. Could barely keep my eyes open but I got up grabbed some chocalate. At it and was back in bed and asleep within half an hour.

*Should tried that in the first place.* I love how chocalate has the opposite effect on me *laughs*

I have to be at work at 7 Friday morning. Thank God I am in Kitty City.

The house was like a tomb
I was hiding in my room
As my brother made my way down the hall
I didn't want to say good bye
I was trying to deny, there was a war
That he'd got the call
I watched him from my window walking down the drive
And I ran down the stairway to the front door and I cried
                                    Brothers by Dean Brody
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So we adopted Scruffy today. I brought him home friday and saturday night for a sleep over. I just wanted to get him ou of his little room cause he hadn't been for months.

Course my parents fell in love with him and we got permission from Elaine (our landlord) to adopt him.

I am so so so so very happy. He is perfect for us.

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So Kenny is picking me up round 5:30. We are going to eat then go see Underworld at 7:45.

I found out that an email had been sent out for a get together/party at Kate's for tonight. I never got it and it was tonight at like 7 or 8 so I of course can't go.

I am going through a Gilmore Girls obsession period. I am now on season 6. I never realized how truly funny this show was I laugh my head off. Plus I love Logan. I mean yeah there are reasons I like Dean and Jess, especially early Dean. I hate the season 5 Dean a lot.

Have to finish getting ready.

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Okay so I met a guy. One of Elizabeth's friends that I was introduced to like 2 weeks ago during a 3 person birthday party. I have zip, zero, nada experiance with this so it's extremely slow going. ANd I don't know really how to feel. I know I like him but whether in a good friend kinda way or more is still kinda up in the air. Considering he is away at school it will have to wait until we go out in person.
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So I slept over at Elizabeth's last night. She leave for school on Sunday so we had our final goodbye before I left her house. I am dead tired, literally.

I watched the premiere of Flashpoint-I swear Amy Jo Johnson is not the only former Power Ranger on the show. All the main characters looked fracking familiar, I just don't know from where.

Numb3rs had without a doubt on of the best episodes ever tonight. Arrow of Time was beyond amazing. I will have a reaction post later once I get sleep, but wow.
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I should go to bed since I have to be up in 6 hours. I don't really want to though.

I really want to read some good NCIS fics though. Any reccomendations?

Vance: When you find something....
McGee: You'll be the first to know.
Vance: Second. But I'll take what I can get.

Vance: Did you know Mike Franks was involved in this?
(at the same time)
Ziva: Yes.
Tony: No.
Vance: You want to take a moment and get your stories straight?
(at the same time)
Ziva: No.
Tony: Yes.
Vance: That explains how Director Shepard got out to the dinner. Franks was the fifth shooter.
Tony: On Jenny's side.
Vance: Who's side are you on?
(at the same time)
Ziva: Gibbs.
Tony: Gibbs.
Vance: Well you finally got your story straight. 

Gibbs: Tell Abby and McGee, we're going to need them on this.
(Ducky turns around)
McGee: Who?
Ducky: Jenny
Abby: *gasps*

Judgement Day
Part 2

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Can I just say that this, shows how badly some movies get short sided by critics. I mean Tropic Thunder of all movies getting a nomination? Even if it's for Cruise which I think is one of the stupidest things ever. Who the hell makes these decisions?

I mean everyone knew Heath Ledger would get a nom but nothing for the rest of the categories? I mean, Myley Cyrus getting a nom for best song, don't get me wrong I like her just fine but come on
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So I had my first solid off day from work in weeks. I get Thursday off too which is great. I have been filling in so much for the past 6 weeks, that it has been a really good respite. We had 130 adoption during the adopt a thon. Including Montana and Goldre which I am totally delighted about. We had 1 dog get returned on Tuesday. Hopefully there won't be many more. Miles was going to go but it fell through.

I went to Harmony House for the first time in over a month. It was great so relaxing. Burtona, one of the cats, had to be put down cause she had lost so much weight and they couldn't get her stable enough for a feeding tube. She was a sweet heart. We have some kittens to which are cute but a little shy.

I started rereading all my Narnia fics I have saved over at I am really longing for a nice long fic about the 4 pevensies, wether it's them staying in Narnia after Caspian or one set in The Golden Ages. Any recomendations?

So I get to sleep in some more tomorrow or should I say today since it's like 1:30.

So was anyone really surprised by Governor Rod's arrest? I mean in the beginning he did good but recently?
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Simon's last day at work was Thanksgiving. We have been short a Cargiver before he left but now its bad. Jill started last week, she got the job same way I did. But sonce Simon was head caregiver, it means Cristine got promoted in a sense. I have been getting 8-4 shifts for the last 2 weeks. It doesn't bother me, not really. I'm just wondering whats next. They are still looking for another caregiver, I am sticking around till next August and it helps bu we need another full time caregiver.

It's me, Kate, Lisa, Sam and K.C and Jill. KC works at the front desk most of the time so she can;t be  full time caregiver. Kate told me she doesn;t want more hours to work, but I don;t know if she would accept full time. Jill may be up for the full time position I don;t know. I know both me a Lisa re working more now so. Sam should be promoted full time-she however does work mainly in KC. ANd WE def. neeed people in DT. SImon was always DT, just like Cristine. Kate, Lisa and K.C go back and forth. I am both, now I am mostly DT. Though with Jill just being DT hopefuly I will be getting more KC shifts. I wouldn't mind  full time but it would only be till next august so I guess the question is would it be worth it?

On another note-Bambi finally got adopted on Sunday. I was so happy bout that. ANd there was a lot of interest in Miles. I know the lady was thinking about it and another couple was interested in him also. Hopefully whenever he does get adopted I am there to say goodbye. He is my sweet heart. I would love to be able to adopt him.


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