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So cause of the Adopt-a-thon, I worked 6-4 today. I am so tired its not even funny. I've only had, well, less than 4 hours of sleep. I'm just glad I can sleep in ill 10 tomorrow before work.

I watched 3x12 of Robin Hood on OnDemand. Talk about surprise endings. My god!! Poor Alan. Just no.....and Vasey!!!! That came out of left field and was a jaw on the floor in shock surprise. I still have to watch the finale.

Of course I watched RH right after I watched episode 7 of White Collar. That surprised me. Everyone on LJ was in shock at the ending! No one saw it coming and the whole epsidoe was a giant red herring but my god, that and RH were to many surprises for one night.

I have to wait until mid-January for WC to come back. ;(

**I need a WC icon....
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So it took me days to figure out how to use [profile] rory_tutorgirl 's Robin Hood mood theme, here. At first I couldn;t get it uploaded to my new photobucket account (made for this purpose). I had a  bright idea today and it took me 3 hours to get all 132 images uploaded but finally success!!

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
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just grabbed a a few  robin hood icons from [profile] robinhoodicons  and I want to give credit from who I took them from just realized I think I took from several and I apologize for not crediting individually

so credit for icons not from me head to  [profile] robinhoodicons if you want some really good ones. THANKS!!!!  

also added one of my cousins dogs SO CUTE!!!



ps. anyone know how to get rid of the font a stuff up by the community link?


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