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Dec. 21st, 2008 11:03 pm
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Elizabeth heads off to Parkland on the 11th. I don't know how to feel about that. I mean if I had actually gone to school like I planned this year, I would have been 6 hours away instead of her suddenly being 3 hours but...

I have also been trying to get together with friends from school who are on their breaks but most are not staying in chicago....

on a side note...I am in Kitty City the next two days....yippee!!! No walking dogs. It was freezing this morning. I felt so sorry for the dogs. And me.

I also have to call Southern and defer again, I tried in november couldn't get through and I got an email about having meet and greet buffet in the 13th which I shouldn't have gotten cause I deferred. There is a possibility I am screwed.
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Hey all its been awhile.

Okay lets see:

I may or may not be getting a part time job at PAWS-either way I will still volunteer. On a side note to that- i deferred the the spring semester at Southern so I will start January 12th. My parents agreed and part of me really does not want to leave at the moment so I am not.

MDA was an experience, I had a lot of fun and the campers and my fellow SOH's were great, and I miss them. I would like to do it again but it probably won't be next year.

i just came back from Holiday Inn for a 4th of july weekend. It was fun, I ended up getting addicted to Deadliest Catch, omg its just great, and I will def. try to keep watching it.

PAWS, this weekend had a bunch of rescue flood dogs from Iowa, now those left if there are any will stay and/or head to 26th and be transferred back like usual. B/C of the circumstances we had all of our current dogs that could not be paired up shipped to K9 for boarding. So this weekend we had probably over 50 dogs in the rooms.

If u would like to adopt a dog or cat heat down there, many need homes.

Now I am going to Brookefield zoo sometime within the next hour.

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Wow. Its been awhile. Prom was surpisingly fun. I did get all dressed up and had make up on and everyhting thanks to Elizabeth. My god the IB exams I thought would only take 2 weeks? Took 3. My last IB was Tuesday before Prom and my last AP was friday of prom, so needless to say I  have been busy.

My stories have suffered, I have yet to even really begin to write chp 4 of F&F nor get started on my one Moonlight story I really want to do. Hopefully they will be started before the end of june because right now I have been destressing and my muse is on holiday.

But as as I said, I have officially become a High School Graduate. Yesterday in fact. Oh the less said on that the better. Suffice it to say it was horrible. 

The Highlights--

it was at the Auditorium theatre in Downtown Chicago
My mom almost couldn't get a seat b/c they gave away all the handicapped seating to non handicapped people despite my school having set aside seats. Yeah-people were not happy.
It was so hectic afterwards-i got no pictures with friends
They were kicking people out hence the no pictures
Oh and it was pouring when we all arrived so we had many soaked graduates arriving.

Yeah those were just the highlights.

It hasn't exactly set in that I won't be seeing everyone next year. At ALL. I am going to hate it when it does.


May. 13th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Okay so I am actually going to prom now. Elizabeth and I along with Becca are going dress shopping on Friday. So in short, I have to buy a ticket. Wish me luck:)

In other news I got to PAWs today and we have a dog name Trisha. It was so weird whenever I would say her name. Also Zeus-the Mastiff-that went home yesterday, is being RETURNED!!! I was not happy with that. Frankie a 1 year old black lab is hopefully being adopted^_^. Sheeba a 10 year old Akita that has Kennel Cough is doing a lot better, she is almost like a whole different dog. Much more energy.

At Harmony-Meredith Grey, the friendliest cat on the 3rd floor was adopted over the weekend. I also may be going there on Sunday for a 3 mile marathon-maybe, it depends since my dads birthday is that saturday.

I had my Spanish IB exam, I hope to God I got at least a 3 on it. It was like one of the tests we have in class so maybe. I have Paper 1&2 in IB Biology tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

Plus I have finally read Twilight and New Moon after years of my friends telling me to. OMG I love them!! Hopefully someone will bring Eclipse tomorrow. Hopefully!

Weird day

Apr. 7th, 2008 07:23 pm
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So I joined Power Rangers United yesterday and I am knocking myself over the head for not joining sooner, from what I have read the people are so cool and its all about PR and I know some people from LJ and so its cool. I can't wait to be able to really go through all the forums and topics and all that.

In other news the next chapter of F&F will be awhile given as I haven't even begun to write it. I have to choose between to plot lines though I am leaning towards my original since I have more of an idea of what to do with it. 

I did do a one shot a prequel of sorts to F&F which I will post as soon as I get it back from Sandshrew777.
I also have a stargate chapter that I am waiting for Trecebo to get back to me on-its the second chapter to To Belong.

In school today I had my tok oral which means I am officially done with the class as long as tookey doesn't blind side us with something later.
I basically haven't had school actual classes for weeks-a lot of it has been review and will continue to be so until exams in early may-which is when IB seniors finish all their classes and we have like a month until graduation

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For the first time in four years I have no actual homework due next Monday. However the downside of that is I have a week of testing for my MOCK AP and IB tests that I have yet to actually study for. Wth the exception of Spanish the rest I am somewhat confident in, I need to review history, and reread or at least sparknotes books for my paper 2 IB lit and have till the 31st to take study for Bio which I will do that weekend. Spanish I have given up on and will try my best when the test comes. 

All this does not take into account the fact that I have to reread 7 books for the Batlle of tehBooks competition that the Book club team has on the 27th, I actually have to memorize 20 titles and authors along with the plots of my 7 books on top of all my studying for exams

I did tonight,  however  do something that surprised even me. I wrote a Lorne one-shot for Stargate Atlantis...Its here if anyone wants to read it..This is the first thing I have ever wrote and well I may just keep doing it

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I had my spanish oral today-I think it went better than I thought it would but I was still nervous and it was pretty bad in my opinion. Right now I am procrastinating on typing up my TOK oral proposal-I already know what I will write I am just not doing it now. I am kinda worried about my TOK grade now because Tookey says a lot of our essays were really bad and that we had better do good on the orals. I don't get that because we didn't get any real information for the orals till today and at the very least we don't start going till after mocks-in a little over 2 weeks-so hopefully we all get our topics approved

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and relaxes because I had my lit oral today and it was fine kinda fun i am just glad I got a Jane Eyre passage I was really able to make use of the 15 minutes I had for the whole thing. I was lucky I didn't even go over any of the things we had to know for it save for two of the 6 passages-the one i had was not one of them. But Kelly said I did good so I am not worried.

I have my Spanish oral tomorrow-that is at the most 10 minutes long but I am really worried about that though because its 3 minutes or slightly more of reciting your oral topic and then answering questions-I am so not remotely able to that fluently. Plus I need to remember to bring a tape cause despite the fact we had cassettes at home and I got them out so I could bring them to school today- what did I forget? yeah but my friend had extras that se is selling for a dollar so I just ok one of hers.

then when I got home today I went to Best Buy-I got THE ARK OF TRUTH and I am so happy-my dad and I went and we got the last copy I was so worried they would have been sold out. But despite my want and need for SG1 I am going to wait till Friday to watch it. I also spent like 50 bucks on 5 cds- it would have been more but I had a gift card- I was mad cause they didn't have the newest Rascal Flatts

I also got a letter from U of I in Springfield saying despite not getting into Champagne I could still apply there- I may just on principle but I think I am still going to Southern

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I have my lit oral tomorrow-its over 30 minutes of preparation and the actual oral and I have done nothing to prepare for it-its poems and jane eyre and the poems i can in some way b.s my way through for the most part-i will have time to study since i don't have to be at the vault-we take it in an enclosed room that's pretty much the IB vault-till middle of 5th which means i can still eat lunch.

i have my spanish oral on wednesday-that one i have to try to memorize since we can only use bullet points but its 10 minutes long and my biggest problem is going to be answering question because I do NOT KNOW spanish. I have to remember to bring cassette tapes since all this is to be recorded. We also finally got some type of instruction over what to do for our TOK oral which for most of us hopefully will happen after spring break and mocks so about 3 weeks exactly from today.

I apparently also have a lit commentary due on wednesday and i have no idea on what. My Infotech internal assessment is due this friday-the good thing about that is I really just have to put it together since we typed up a lot of the stuff over the months we have actually worked on our project,

missing basically a week of school did not help since i only went to school on Friday for the whole day and only to my 1st 3 periods on wednesday-i have no idea what was wrong since I didn't have  a fever if anything my temp was low as it was 97.6 or lower over the week- I have no idea what it is now though. But despite this-the work I have is nothing since I honestly have no homework and I won't have much for the rest of the year because we are reviewing for are mocks and are actual IB and AP exams in 2 weeks and in may respectively.

on another totally different side note- i still don't know if I actually want to go to prom

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okay so i wake up for school this morning and my throat hurts. Not the usual sore throat can't talk thing oh no-this is I can talk but it hurts to do that and swallow as in it is actually painful not sore but pain. It gets worse when I try to drink water. Still to me its nothing as my temp is 97.5 so I was ready to go to school. But I didn't

apparently knowing the exact place your throat hurts as in just one spot is a bad thing-my mom got alarmed and started talking about infections and ordered me to bed so yep I have a 3 day school week yipee. which actually may be bad since we are starting to review for all my IB and AP test that are coming up in 2 weeks I think? yeah I have 1 week with ten exams during mocks and I am only taking 8 for my exams at the end of the year so thats fine

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I have had the best week ever. On monday out of my 7 actual periods-the only class I had was bio as all of my teachers were absent and I had a lunch period and study hall 8th again with no teacher. This continued till today as my 1st period LIT teacher has the flu and is out till at least Tuesday. My 2nd period is basically a free period as well as my 3rd period. We actually had history 4th which was funny cause I have 2 history teachers and both were absent on Monday. 5th is my lunch and my spanish teacher was absent on Tuesday too so again I only have had 3 classes this whole week and one night (today) with homework. Of course I have my last Bio Test tomorrow and a meeting with one of my TOK teachers over my essay (the one I wrote during that 3 hour test) and its horrible even with revisions to it. 

So yeah the greatest week ever and to top it all off--there is no school on Monday
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so I had my TOK test today--it lasted for 3 hours maybe a little more. I think I bombed it cause I answered the question but not as well as I could have. Plus I was dead tired as in I was falling asleep as I was writing so I finished with like half an hour to spare and slept. The only good thing about this test was the fact that I had almost no school today which was great.

I  have to do things for book club and battle of the books and I have to finish reading 7 books and actulaly know them by march 5th I have only read 2 books and I have to read at least 3 more by next week.

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I have a giant final exam in my TOK class tomorrow- giant as in all of IB are signed out through 5th period tomorrow even though it will hopefully only take the first 4.

I also have to memorize my spanish oral for class than take my real one in the next two weeks. My lit oral is on the 28th which I don't knw if thats good or bad.

I had a history essay test today with questions I had not loked at until today in division about ten minutes before class--that was fun!

I was at Capricon this weekend--more about that later

Stargate Atlantis and Torchwood were awesome!!!
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oh god I am so happy right now. The only thing I really have to do for homework is my internal assessment which I hope if my memory serves me right is only 2000 words long and then all the research for sources and all that which I am relying on Questia for along with the organization and folowing the strict guidelines and all. I also have to do cram sheets for my TOK class but its only 2 of them so I am fine. I know for a fact that I should be able to finish in 5 hours but i am not staking verything on that. I also have to have atleast 8 pages in my log book for my ITGS class but thats easy and I can theortically due it monday morning in mu lit class.

I am not crazy I have done ost of a 4000 word paper in a day before- all this is a piece of cake. Thats one thing I can thank IB for--freshman year of college won't be that bad

I got accepted into SIU- I am beyond excited sinceits become my first choice

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I just spent tje last 3 hours?? I think working on my TOK binder. Realized as I was putting it together that I am missing a section of notes that hopefully my techer just never gave back. Spent most of the time putting these like opies and scans of other sections for my friends so they would have stuff. And I am misssing like 4 sctions 2 of which were suppose to b blank any ways so I am hoping I don't get to many points taken off

now I am going to bed and must get up at 6:15 joy! 
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I had part 2 of my TOK test to day. It was an essay but we didn't have to write an actual one. We had to choose between 2 of the questions then we had to do 4 parts.

1)  was underline key terms, defining what in the prompt and so on~~this was easy
2) was to say what the question was asking and how we should answer it in a TOK style~~I think I might have screwed this up cause I don't think I answered it correctly.
3) was to make a detailed outline basically on how you were going to answer the question~~ this one I did but I don't think I had enough info which means I may have not gotten enough credit for it
4) was to write the introduction to the essay~~this I didn't finish at all and my teacher told us to stop writing a few minutes before the bell rang and then said something about how we didn't have time to complete a whole essay (this about gave me a heart attack cause I  thought I had missed the direction  to you know WRITE the essay) I didn't but still

so TOK was a lot easier than I thought it would be hopefully they give us a little slack on grading since that was the first time we had done something like that and I know it through me off at least.

History on the other hand was a different matter entirely. This one I totally failed. We had to write an essay on "Why did the Mexican Revolution last so long?"  sounds easy right? yeah no

I wrote like a page and a half (one paper both sides and one side of another) and I repeated myself so much all the while saying absolutely nothing all the way through. When I said saying nothing I meant it I gave the vaguest of details and absolutely no supporting evidence. I was basically writing for the sake of having something on paper.  

On the plus side ONE more day before two weeks of almost all bliss. I have to my knowledge so far one probably two things of homework over break-one some type of a  photo essay in TOK and maybe reading Jane Eyre for my lit class. hopefully that will be it. I am hoping that I won't have to do my internal assessment  for my infotech class over break cause that would like suck especially since I don't have the correct program at home to work on it.

so besides the writers strike which is screwing with my normal tv schedule- well not really since most shows are on winter break this time any way in a normal year-but still I could use some distractions.


Dec. 19th, 2007 07:04 pm
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 I had part 1 of tok and my bio test today. I totally failed TOK no ifs, ands or buts about it. Bio-I don't know a C hopefully more but I am not sure. I have part 2 of tok tomorrow which I probably will fail to maybe its an essay and I may be able to BS it so I can get points not entirely sure though. I also have my history test tomorrow an essay on 1 of 3 questions on the Mexican Revolution- the questions ares o stupid that I don't even know how I will BS my way out of it. GAH!!

Winter break is 2 more days away.THANK ALL WHO WANT US SCHOOL KIDS TO LIVE!

we had mexican hot chocolate and plantinos. I didn't really like it but that was probably b/c of the cayan pepper or cinnamon sticks that were added
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Literally. I had to be a student helper for science fair today. pretty much means that as an IB senior I got out of classes all day to help take care of the judges. i was one of the food people and we had all this food that we were not allowed to touch right in front of us all day. We were able after a lot of begging drink the hot chocolate, coffee and water  and we were able to eat the left over bagels when lunch was served but that was it. At 3:30 we were able to eat the leftover sandwiches we had so much left over it wasn't funny and the teachers wanted all the edible stuff gone so people were able to take leftovers people were starving. 

Then to top it all off at 3:30 we had to go to a make up TOK class since we have part 1 of a test tomorrow and we were all signed out 2nd and 3rd period. Then when  went around to help clean up at like 4:15 they were done so I don't think I get extra credit in bio. DAMN since I have a bio test tomorrow to. Add the fact that I have part 2 of my TOK test and a history exam essay I hate winter break cause they are stock piling everything on us before break.    

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 everyone hear of the Lane threats- apparently they found guns earlier tonight (may or not be a rumor) and the school is still making kids go tomorrow-how messed up is that?

my sister still wants to go despite my best friend who is a senior like me isn't even going yet my sister who is a sophomore and being a bitch right now wants to go. I mean if it was my school I would probably still go cause we have a much smaller campus and considering we have at least 10 cop cars around on a daily bases not to mention the cops on bikes and the security guards- a lot of us would think it was a joke and not serious since it would be almost impossible to sneak in since there are only four doors to get in and out of 2 of which are locked during class.

Lane is different it is big enough where things can be snuck in and there can't be coverage everywhere unlike Lincoln Park  which is like 1/3 the size  
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oh and of all the history stuff I had to do there was only 18 assignments and I decided to only do 13 of them. I still have 2 more to do but I can finish them in school I will also do my lit either later today or in the morning. Oh and does anyone ever realize that when big breaks come up teachers cram a bunch of tests at us the last week of break? I have a Bio, TOK and a History test next week  and I don't have classes on Tuesday due to science fair and I am also pretty sure all  my test are on the same day (tok is two days and I have my bio on wednesday and history on thursday). Oh JoY!

Also you all here of the threats at Lane today? My sister goes there and my mom wants to keep her home friday. 


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