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Stupid 4th of July:( Currently trying to keep Scruffy from panicking. Mildly succesful, he's thrown up twice but only in the last 2 hours.

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So Scruffy is doing fine. His hotspots are already scabbing away and thanks to that spray he is barely scratching anymore. However givining him his ear drops is another story. I had to bring home a muzzle from work so we could give them to him. He is suppose to get them twice  a day but that isn't happening. Mainly because two of us need to do it, me and my dad, and I am the only one that remembers and since I get up later for work it doesn;t get done in the morning. I am pissed at my parents because they don't unerstand that if this doesn't happen he will get an actual ear infection and be ten times worse.

I also want to see season 3 of Robin Hood but its not airing yet in America and it really not worth spending 60-70 dollars each, to buy the pevious season when there are only 26 episodes between them.

I also want Doctor Who season 4, usually we get this from my dad's boss but that didn't happen this year.

I am egerly waitiing for the fifth season box set of Stargate Atlantis and the fall premiere of Stargate Universe. I don't know how I feel about this yet. With Atlantis I remember thinking I would watch the pilot and se how it goes.  I very seriously thought I would end up watching it out of obligation of my love for Stargate SG-1. That didn't happen, obviously, however I also think this about Universe, which I fear has a higher possibility of actually happening because it really isn't Stargate.

In a different world-Power Rangers: RPM  is awesome!! Totally made of win  ♥   ♥

And thanks to [ profile] starandrea , I once again have a different canon view of this show just like I had with Space. Though What I Owe You and Dare You to Ask isn't so much a fix it story to have the series make sense like "First" was (which is canon for me now, so it's very hard to rewatch In Space without going wtf?). No, RPM, surprisingly does a good job at those things called continuity and logic. Her stories are the fluffier relationship version of the show. The Team Building we don't get.

Also the fact that the show itself seems to be pushing a Slim relationship and [ profile] starandrea is making me want a DillonK one, is just another reason I adore her writing*. Guess which one I think is more canon? ::laughs::

I hurt my knee friday night cause I thought it would be fun to slide into the bottom of my stove. I still went to work Saturday and Sunday but I had to spend time icing my knee a couple of times both days. Its hurting me now mainly because I took Scruffy on a walk through the park and didn't think of the fact that I would have to walk around for a half hour straight. I haven't been on it that long consecutively since I fell.

*I am sorry I haven't commented on your last two, by the way, but they are made of fluff and love :giggles::  ♥
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So Scruffy has been scratching his shoulder area a lot this past week. At first we just thought he was scratching the area we put his Frontline on so we took him to Petco to get groomed. Well aparently he had been scratching so much that it had scabbed and was starting to pus (needless to say he didn't get bathed.)

So within a half an hour we had him at the vets. Apparently it was a Hotspot (skin infection basically). Something that should have been really obvious to me but I never thought of it.

Anyway he got shaved and there are 3 spots on is shoulder. They also cleaned his ears and treated them since there had been more yeast and bacteria than the vet was comfortable with.

So  poor Scruffy now has ear drops 2 times a day (that should be fun) and Clavamox (an antbiotic) for his hotspots (twice a day) and a spray (the name evades me) to help sooth the spots that he needs sprayed 2-3 times daily.

Hopefully the longest this will last is 15 days.
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So when my dad got home today he took me and Scruffy to the bank to deposit my two checks and for me to get money out. When we finished with that he took me to Best Buy where I bought Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy (I was going to buy the first too but they were out). I still haven't finished 3 but thats besides the point.

I also bought Keith Urban's Defying Gravity and Brad Paisley's Play (which I am kinda regretting since even though I love the guy there are only like 5 songs out of 16 that have lyrics...)

I am listening to Keith's right now, but I am also bored.

I think I am going to reread [ profile] starandrea 's JF fic than her RPM stuff (all the while fighting the urge to rewatch the last  6 episodes) I am more than likely going to that on Monday when I don't have to work.

On that note I am going to work tomorrow but considering I still feel like crap I may have to leave early.

The stuff my mom ordered for Scruffy came today. She got him a stuffed (musical) violin, that actually has cool music. He hasn't yet figured out how to work it but I am waiting to be woken up in the middle of the night by it. She also ordered him a red version of the blue sqeajy ball that he has. I loved this cause instead of red a green one came! She also ordered a retractable leash, which I didn't want in the first place but my dad did. However, she bought a nice,expensive one, that actually seems you know worth the price. She bought the one for dogs up to 110 pounds (Scruffy's like 54) but it doesn;t just have the 'string' leash, the actual line is about an inch thich and it seems to be made of strong material. It also came with a safety collar so to speak, something that you can hook on to the leash like a second collar (along with the original) if something were to happen to the orignal. It's a Flexi product so at this point its something I am comfortable to try and use. The only problem will be getting my dad to use it properly.

*I need a Scruffy icon ♥


Mar. 8th, 2009 09:13 pm
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So Scruffy doesn't like thunder. Saturday morning he wound up in my parents ned at 5:30. He stayed there for half an hour till my mom moved her arm, jumped off and went to lay with my sister in her bed for awhile.

Last night, well actually this morning round 5 there was one roll of thunder. I literally heard him get up and walk straight itno mine and my sisters room. He whined for a little, I joined hm on the floor. He jumped up in bed with my sister for seconds, jumped back down and curled up in front ofthe beanie baby cabinet for over half an hour.

We left him all alone for the first time earlier tonight for about 3 hours and he was fine.


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