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So cause of the Adopt-a-thon, I worked 6-4 today. I am so tired its not even funny. I've only had, well, less than 4 hours of sleep. I'm just glad I can sleep in ill 10 tomorrow before work.

I watched 3x12 of Robin Hood on OnDemand. Talk about surprise endings. My god!! Poor Alan. Just no.....and Vasey!!!! That came out of left field and was a jaw on the floor in shock surprise. I still have to watch the finale.

Of course I watched RH right after I watched episode 7 of White Collar. That surprised me. Everyone on LJ was in shock at the ending! No one saw it coming and the whole epsidoe was a giant red herring but my god, that and RH were to many surprises for one night.

I have to wait until mid-January for WC to come back. ;(

**I need a WC icon....
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So I have been into NCIS:LA (of course:) since it premiered and I'm loving it. I love my 3 new icons for the show! I could gush all day about it, but I will say the characters chemistry (especially Callen and Sam) and their frickin lines are brilliant!!

I have also started watching White Collar, that new USA show. Oh my god, with 6 episodes, it has rapidly become a favorite. Again I am going to hype about the chemistry between Neil and Burke, it just awesome in that bromance kinda way. The same can be said especially for NCIS:LA's Sam and Callen! But WC is very funny, I laugh out loud a lot when I watch it on HULU.

*It's on the same time as Numb3rs which I won't stop watching especially since it might be in danger from getting canceled:( Save Numb3rs!! Save the MATH!!! ::laughs::


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