Dec. 1st, 2008

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Lets just say this episode was nothing compared to the previews for next week.

spoilers )
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Simon's last day at work was Thanksgiving. We have been short a Cargiver before he left but now its bad. Jill started last week, she got the job same way I did. But sonce Simon was head caregiver, it means Cristine got promoted in a sense. I have been getting 8-4 shifts for the last 2 weeks. It doesn't bother me, not really. I'm just wondering whats next. They are still looking for another caregiver, I am sticking around till next August and it helps bu we need another full time caregiver.

It's me, Kate, Lisa, Sam and K.C and Jill. KC works at the front desk most of the time so she can;t be  full time caregiver. Kate told me she doesn;t want more hours to work, but I don;t know if she would accept full time. Jill may be up for the full time position I don;t know. I know both me a Lisa re working more now so. Sam should be promoted full time-she however does work mainly in KC. ANd WE def. neeed people in DT. SImon was always DT, just like Cristine. Kate, Lisa and K.C go back and forth. I am both, now I am mostly DT. Though with Jill just being DT hopefuly I will be getting more KC shifts. I wouldn't mind  full time but it would only be till next august so I guess the question is would it be worth it?

On another note-Bambi finally got adopted on Sunday. I was so happy bout that. ANd there was a lot of interest in Miles. I know the lady was thinking about it and another couple was interested in him also. Hopefully whenever he does get adopted I am there to say goodbye. He is my sweet heart. I would love to be able to adopt him.


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