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I'm sitting in a Hilton hotel room with direct internet access. Obviously. It's my Grandfather's 75th birthday party since his actual birthday is a couple of weeks from now.

We are on our way to mini golf. Me, my dad, grandpa and my siter and 3 cousins.

I finally got Cold Moon Rising. I had to go to the Barnes&Noble by my work on wednesday but I got it. I am going to reread it before I post a reaction/review to it. I am also toying with the idea of writing reviews for all the other books of the series since I really can gush about all of them.

I have to be at work tomorrow at 1, but atleast I got today off.
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Cold Moon Rising was released today!! I am so excited I can't believe it^_^

Going to get it in the nest 40-45 minutes. Review when I finish either tonight or tomorrow.

ETA: Borders is stupid. I went to get the book and they had rearranged the store. Again. That didn't really matter. The problem was that none of this series or the authors other series was at the store. I am actually pissed at this. Especially since there was no one at the info desk pose questions to.

Hopefully I can stop at Barnes & Noble tomorrow when my dad picks me up from work.
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So I am exhausted. Really. I am going to work the next two weeks without a day off, and my last day off was wednesday.

I saw Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I will have reaction posts up sometime soon.

I also will have a post about the NCIS episode(s) Legend (Parts 1&2) and the latest episode of Numb3rs since each deserves it's own post.

Truly am exhausted. Three people out at work and only 3 of us to really cover, I need a break but that isn't happening anytime soon.

Got the Southern Vampire Mysteries (the Sookie Stackhouse books, what the HBO series Trueblood is based off of) last week (books 1 through 8) read all in 2 1/2 days. I'll post about that as well. Book 9 is only out in hardcover so I will probably read it in the store and buy it later.

Don't be expecting any new chapters for Standing Ground, anytime soon. I need to be mildly coherent as I write that and I'm just not. (It's taken me a long time to write this post because I keep misspelling. My mobile functions are lacking)


May. 1st, 2009 07:49 pm
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So today I bought the Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse) series off of The series is what the HBO tve series True Blood is based on. I have wanted to buy the books for sometime but always put it off and yesterday I saw that amazon had the box set of books 1-7 for only 31 bucks. That was a steal since individually wach book cost 8 bucks plus tax. I also ordered the 8th book for only 4 something. the full price being 36 something.

If I would have bought them all individually it would have cost me over 60 bucks. Maybe even closer to 70. I also am looking at another book series that caught my eye. I think its called the Alpha and Omega (something having to do with wolves) But its about shifters and it looked interesting.

I am going to the 9:55 showing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
I'M going with my dad and next week I am going to see Star Trek.
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So Cold Moon Rising book seven in the Tales of the Sazi by CT Adams and Cathy Clamp has a release date of August 9. ***jumps up and down in glee***

This totally made my day!!!!


Feb. 25th, 2009 07:29 pm
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Okay so Heartland is a book series written by Lauren Brooks. It is meant for kinds/young adults. It is hands down a favorite It has horses and a great storyline per book.

And I only found this out recently, just a fluke really, but it is also a tv show in Canada. The show is based on the books but it us also very different. It is a good different though. Especially if you just watch the show for the show. A lot of the book fans really like it. I have been watching it all on YouTube.

I think I am bored enough, to start rereading the series. To be honest with the exception of a few things, if I had to choose, I would choose the show. Mainly cause it's built towards an older audience and I can *see* the characters. However the books will always be really good especially the parts I really, really wish were part of the show.
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well not really.

I read the description for tonight's Brother's and Sister's and I can't wait I am so excited....

I got Brsingr today. Will probably be done with it tonight-depending.

Trisha got adopted yesterday and she went with another female! I didnlt say good bye cause it hapened after I left. :(

Marty Rusty finally went home this morning-god for a 9 year old he was so happy and excited-he thought he was going for a run.

ANd Fabian to got adopted today-the couple had to chihuahua's and they wer going through AC when I left. The guys see like great people and Fabian should be really happy there.
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I am so excited. Tomorrow Brothers & Sisters Season 2 is coming out and I can't wait. Its one of those shows that I peripherally watched through season one but didn't really get into until the middle of season 2 so, yes I am excited. Especially since ABC doesn't dain to show reruns of this show.

Also, after I get that I am heading to Borders to hopefully get my hands on Brisingr, the last of the Eragon Trilogy. Hopefully the next few day swill be filled with t.v and reading.

Wish me luck^_^
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Or more accurately one book, well biography really. I finally, finally got Anything Goes yesterday, read it in like five hours.

It proved what I already knew John Barrowman is hilarious. I really wish I knew him in reality cause I would have so much fun. I loved the style he wrote or well depicted the book in cause Carol technically wrote it but anyways...

I adored any mention of Scott cause the two are great together. And Murn, oh she sounded like someone i would have loved to have known.

But yeah Barrowman is classic he is witty, sarcastic, a nut and has a really dirty mind, that makes the book a joy to read. Plus he has great insights things that made me go wow, that is so true and I whole heartily agreed with.

*of course I ordered off of and instead of my order of one book I some how ended up with 3 that cost 87 bucks. That final order came through in the confirmation email to my mom since I used her credit card. Yet not it any of the time when I filled out the order did it say I was getting more than 1 book. *head desk* i am lucky my mom did not kill me.


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