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Wow. Its been awhile. Prom was surpisingly fun. I did get all dressed up and had make up on and everyhting thanks to Elizabeth. My god the IB exams I thought would only take 2 weeks? Took 3. My last IB was Tuesday before Prom and my last AP was friday of prom, so needless to say I  have been busy.

My stories have suffered, I have yet to even really begin to write chp 4 of F&F nor get started on my one Moonlight story I really want to do. Hopefully they will be started before the end of june because right now I have been destressing and my muse is on holiday.

But as as I said, I have officially become a High School Graduate. Yesterday in fact. Oh the less said on that the better. Suffice it to say it was horrible. 

The Highlights--

it was at the Auditorium theatre in Downtown Chicago
My mom almost couldn't get a seat b/c they gave away all the handicapped seating to non handicapped people despite my school having set aside seats. Yeah-people were not happy.
It was so hectic afterwards-i got no pictures with friends
They were kicking people out hence the no pictures
Oh and it was pouring when we all arrived so we had many soaked graduates arriving.

Yeah those were just the highlights.

It hasn't exactly set in that I won't be seeing everyone next year. At ALL. I am going to hate it when it does.


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