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So today Caregivers had to be at work at 6:30 so we could have everything finished by nine thirty for a photo shoot. This entailed me getting up at 5:20.

The photographer did not get there until 10. We were not happy. At all.

I am closing tomorrow so that means I can sleep till 10:30.
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I  have an OpenID account over at Dreamwidth, under the same username. Not sure how much I will be doing over there. My understanding being that since it's not an actual account I can't have a journal; but I will have to wait and see. The hard part is remembering I *have* it.

Side Note:

I accepted a full time Animal Caregiver, position at PAWS Chicago. It means I am putting off school for another year, but it's something I want to do. I *will* be  going to school though. That has never been off the table, just deferred.

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So I am exhausted. Really. I am going to work the next two weeks without a day off, and my last day off was wednesday.

I saw Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I will have reaction posts up sometime soon.

I also will have a post about the NCIS episode(s) Legend (Parts 1&2) and the latest episode of Numb3rs since each deserves it's own post.

Truly am exhausted. Three people out at work and only 3 of us to really cover, I need a break but that isn't happening anytime soon.

Got the Southern Vampire Mysteries (the Sookie Stackhouse books, what the HBO series Trueblood is based off of) last week (books 1 through 8) read all in 2 1/2 days. I'll post about that as well. Book 9 is only out in hardcover so I will probably read it in the store and buy it later.

Don't be expecting any new chapters for Standing Ground, anytime soon. I need to be mildly coherent as I write that and I'm just not. (It's taken me a long time to write this post because I keep misspelling. My mobile functions are lacking)
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So PAWS was closed for 2 weeks for construction which is not complete but we are open anyways. A lot of the animals went into foster for the period.

The good thing?

Sherry (does not like other cats and most if not all were afraid of her)
Blackie (very shy senior cat)
Stephanie( shy young adult)
Baxter (friendlly young adult)
Frazier (very friendly, 14 yr old senior)
Fendi (friendly young adult)

These gusy will not be coming back, they are all being adopted by their fosters.


Dec. 20th, 2008 09:54 pm
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Today was Nikki's last day. We had a mini party and everything. I made the card with pictures of Prince Chunk all over. If she could ,Nikki would have adopted him but he does not like being around other cats.

It's weir though because usually Nikki is off Sunday and Monday anyway. It will only sink in that she is gone on Tuesday and over the week. It will be weird.

However she has a Facebook, which means that we all can keep in contact with her and hopefully now that she doesn't work there she can come and visit without problems.

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So I had my first solid off day from work in weeks. I get Thursday off too which is great. I have been filling in so much for the past 6 weeks, that it has been a really good respite. We had 130 adoption during the adopt a thon. Including Montana and Goldre which I am totally delighted about. We had 1 dog get returned on Tuesday. Hopefully there won't be many more. Miles was going to go but it fell through.

I went to Harmony House for the first time in over a month. It was great so relaxing. Burtona, one of the cats, had to be put down cause she had lost so much weight and they couldn't get her stable enough for a feeding tube. She was a sweet heart. We have some kittens to which are cute but a little shy.

I started rereading all my Narnia fics I have saved over at I am really longing for a nice long fic about the 4 pevensies, wether it's them staying in Narnia after Caspian or one set in The Golden Ages. Any recomendations?

So I get to sleep in some more tomorrow or should I say today since it's like 1:30.

So was anyone really surprised by Governor Rod's arrest? I mean in the beginning he did good but recently?
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I worked 8 hours today. I am dead on my feet. The adoptathon is a great success, when I left we had had over 60 adoptions. That total was probably nearer to 70. And we are going through the night till 10 pm Sunday. 36 hours. I have never seen these many adopted at once. I was the only caregiver in DT and KC for 4 hours. I never set foot in KC. It can usually run itself. DY however0-thank god for volunteers. They are the only reason I got everything done.

I am betaing a STargate SG-1 fic for an author on I was going to get it done and emailed to her by tonight. However considereing I am nowhere near any sort of coherency, I will wait for tomoorw night to actualy read through and beta so I don;t screw anything up.
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I was inadvertanly in charge at work today. At least in the morning.

I also still have to finish watcing Jungle Fury. I didn;t realize how many episodes I missed. I think I have four left. Five at most.
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Simon's last day at work was Thanksgiving. We have been short a Cargiver before he left but now its bad. Jill started last week, she got the job same way I did. But sonce Simon was head caregiver, it means Cristine got promoted in a sense. I have been getting 8-4 shifts for the last 2 weeks. It doesn't bother me, not really. I'm just wondering whats next. They are still looking for another caregiver, I am sticking around till next August and it helps bu we need another full time caregiver.

It's me, Kate, Lisa, Sam and K.C and Jill. KC works at the front desk most of the time so she can;t be  full time caregiver. Kate told me she doesn;t want more hours to work, but I don;t know if she would accept full time. Jill may be up for the full time position I don;t know. I know both me a Lisa re working more now so. Sam should be promoted full time-she however does work mainly in KC. ANd WE def. neeed people in DT. SImon was always DT, just like Cristine. Kate, Lisa and K.C go back and forth. I am both, now I am mostly DT. Though with Jill just being DT hopefuly I will be getting more KC shifts. I wouldn't mind  full time but it would only be till next august so I guess the question is would it be worth it?

On another note-Bambi finally got adopted on Sunday. I was so happy bout that. ANd there was a lot of interest in Miles. I know the lady was thinking about it and another couple was interested in him also. Hopefully whenever he does get adopted I am there to say goodbye. He is my sweet heart. I would love to be able to adopt him.
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And I have to work straight through till at least Sunday. Thursday and Friday-8 to 4. Sat-8 to 5 and Sunday 8-4. *cries* Normally I wouldn't care. But I don't know if I am in DogTown or not the next couple of days. Which means the chough I have is probably going to get worse.

Twilight comes out on Friday. Hopefully me and Bianca can go see it. My dad will hopefully drive us sice I have to work so late.

NCIS *giggles happily* I am seriously actualy obsessed with this show.:) I bought seasons 1 and 2 and am currently watching 3 and 5in reruns and just got through season 4. I love it. It has become one of my favorite tv shows ever.

Oh and changed my layout.

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Chrissy one of our dogs got loose at 26th street. Hasn't been found yet. Ironic thing is-the same thing happened last year around this time-we only got her back from another shelter a couple of months ago.

We got a 9 month old pure bred ST. Bernard puppy in today- he is shaved so he has this fluffy head and tail and almost no fur on the rest of him. He is HUGE. And I mean HUGE!!!! Like almost Maddie size big, or will be when he has put on weight and stops growing.

Bandit got adopted today. He is a 12 year old Llasa Apso that we have had for awhile cause he was old. He was everyone's favorite.

I had one of the busiest days at work today and I have to do it all again tomorrow.

Plus I have to go to Elizabeth's and watch Misty for her. Neither of our cells functioned properly over the last 2 days so we had a miscommuncation problem. Got settled but we are not happy with our phones right now.

And I am working everyday until Friday. Oh joy.

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well not really.

I read the description for tonight's Brother's and Sister's and I can't wait I am so excited....

I got Brsingr today. Will probably be done with it tonight-depending.

Trisha got adopted yesterday and she went with another female! I didnlt say good bye cause it hapened after I left. :(

Marty Rusty finally went home this morning-god for a 9 year old he was so happy and excited-he thought he was going for a run.

ANd Fabian to got adopted today-the couple had to chihuahua's and they wer going through AC when I left. The guys see like great people and Fabian should be really happy there.
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Kinda my morning as in I didn't go to sleep till past 3. I had 2 hours of sleep today.

Lisette got put down last night-she had throat cancer, she was only like a 1 1/2. (Gray cat. She was nuts) There's a lot that I can say about this but I won't cause it wil end up urning into a giant rant and yeah...not going there.

Am going to the movies with Elizabeth and Jasmine tomorrow. I want to see HSM 3. Course for me to do that I have to go with them to watch Saw V. I have only seen the first one. I laughed through it. Not scary.

I wanted to come home and sleep. But I couldn't cause my mom wanted to and there's no way I could have gone to sleep at 4 and go to sleep at any reasonable time friday morning. Yes cause I guarentee I will be up past midnight. Like always.

I am so happy cause [ profile] stargate_ren was finally updated by [ profile] sache8 and [ profile] melyanna . I ♥ them because they made my day.

Course I realized I never watched last week's Grey's Anatomy but oh well, I definitely want to see this weeks though. The preview looks awesome. And apparently so was The Numb3rs preview for this week. I can not remember seeing it and You Tube doesn't have it. Least not that I can find anyway. I will probably end up writing weekly rants/squee's on at least Numb3rs as this season so far is turning out to be the best. I have yet to watch Stargate Atantis from last week. WIll probably watch both episodes friday night or sunday night. It depends cause I work all weekend.

I kinda want to participate in the puppy pile meme that [ profile] starandrea is hosting/advertising but I am not comfortable writing PR fic and thats the only fandom where I could write one. With me anyways. Though I can always try. That reminds me... I wrote a PR fic awhile ago as a first try must post...
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I didn't go to Harmony House for two weeks, the first week because I just needed to catch up on sleep and didn't go. Last week-Tuesday I didn't go cause I was not comfortable with having to take a bus after 8 up addison than down narragansett. Thursday because I visited Grandma in the hospital. We were going to on Wednesday but visiting hours are over at 8 and we were still at Elizabeth's by 7:30. Grandma-is actually elizabeth's grandma but...

But anyways back to Harmony-Monroe had to get put down probably two weeks ago due to health issues. He was an older gray tabby who was diabetic. He was really sweet.

And Newton at PAWS got adopted (sadly without Fabian, those two were hysterical together, but they loved one another) Both are chihuahuas.

Milton Beryle - a sometimes ill tempered orange tabby at HH (does not like other cats) attacked Wilma today (she's like 1 third his size) I checked her over and she seemed fine. She's a white calico so any blood would have been spotted easily especially cause I ran my hands over her. Yeah apparently not. Bout 2 minutes later I notice a whole bunch of blood on the floor. And i mean a lot. She had a puncture on her leg, but it was still a lot of blood for one puncture wound. They took her to see the vet just in case cause it looked like she was getting a blood blister. She had stopped bleeding after I put pressure on her leg for a few seconds. It was nothing big just a check to make  sure.
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I saw it for the first time today and oh my god!!!! It was so good. But lets just say me and Bianca do no make a good match in going to shows. If we had seen this movie on or around opening night we would have been thrown out of teh theaters. I have never been so vocal about a movie before so it is an indication of how much I absolutley loved this movie!!

I got to say thanks to[info]starandrea for a great discussion about Power Rangers and their responsibiities as rangers and more♥. Hopefully we continue it it's interesting.

I am betaing a Brothers and Sisters fic off of as well as a Stargate SG-1 fic from there to. Both are going fine. They are my first real beta jobs and its fun!

PAWS Updates:

Slinky and Asha-they were a pair of cats that had to be adopted out together. they were adopted for aleast 2 months and got returned today. The reason? The owners didn;t feel bonded to them...*snorts* 

Annie and Annabeth-are also cats that had been adopted out together, but were returned today to. They had only been gone like a week.

Nala-a shepherd/chow mix was found wondering round Skokie. IL, she has seperation anxiety and we think she just got out of the adopter's houe somehow.

We did 3 adoptions right off the bat in Kitty City-Louie, Rocco and Rosy and I believe Jewel or Little Guy (the woman had yet to make  adesicion by the time I had left) But those quick adoptions basically did nothing cause we got the 4 cats back.

But what made my day is this:

At work on the weekends we have different rescues come in with dogs like ARF house or Greyhound rescue, today we had ARF house and one of their dogs (i make it a point to meet and remember the dogs they bring) who is 8 or 9 and has been coming back almost every week is hopefully adopted.

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SO....I got a part time job at PAWS as an animal caregiver, I work like 3-4 days a week. Its so cool, and then I volunteer the rest of the time so nothing really has changed.

Lots of changes and bad news:

We have lost several cats at Harmony House:

Besides Wendy and Mary Joe who had to be put down weeks ago, we lost Relish a black cat, that suddenly died one morning as Jennifer checked on her. We lost Tuffy and King Friday in the same week.

Tuffy had to be rushed to the emergency vet, when they finished with the test, she was in total kidney failure and had shown no previous signs, they put her down.

One of Harmony's staff saw King eating cat litter which is a sign of something bad and when they took him in the test were not good and they had to put him down.

At PAWS, we found out that Otis one of our dogs had to get put down for medical reasons a little while ago. And Jordache a beautiful Himalayan had to be put down for a number of health reasons none of them good.

I have yet to get my first paycheck but it should be happening soon, hopefully.

Random things:

I have not yet been able to buy Anything Goes, John Barrowman's autobiography and am not to happy about it. I have to go by Breaking Dawn sometime soon as I wasn't able to go to the Midnight opener.

Me and my dad have gone to opening night shows for the last 4 weeks in a row.

*Journey to the Center of the Earth
*Dark Night, which I want to see in IMAX and was probably my favorite.
*X-Files I Want to Believe
*The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

All real good movies some more than others but still....I think we are going to another on Friday-maybe.

Oh and this morning when my dad drove me to work, I saw the saddest thing. Someone had hit an opossum, which normally would not have been as gut wrenching but the real sad thing, the part that makes me hate people is that I could see her dead babies, they were on the road all around her.

End Notes:

Saw Journey's End, don't know how I feel about the ending. I loved the goodbye to Donna but Rose's? I don''t whether to love it or dislike it.

Saw Continuum, just finished it like an hour ago, more on that later.

*I think this might be my longest post to date. How exciting.
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Hey all its been awhile.

Okay lets see:

I may or may not be getting a part time job at PAWS-either way I will still volunteer. On a side note to that- i deferred the the spring semester at Southern so I will start January 12th. My parents agreed and part of me really does not want to leave at the moment so I am not.

MDA was an experience, I had a lot of fun and the campers and my fellow SOH's were great, and I miss them. I would like to do it again but it probably won't be next year.

i just came back from Holiday Inn for a 4th of july weekend. It was fun, I ended up getting addicted to Deadliest Catch, omg its just great, and I will def. try to keep watching it.

PAWS, this weekend had a bunch of rescue flood dogs from Iowa, now those left if there are any will stay and/or head to 26th and be transferred back like usual. B/C of the circumstances we had all of our current dogs that could not be paired up shipped to K9 for boarding. So this weekend we had probably over 50 dogs in the rooms.

If u would like to adopt a dog or cat heat down there, many need homes.

Now I am going to Brookefield zoo sometime within the next hour.


May. 13th, 2008 11:43 pm
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Okay so I am actually going to prom now. Elizabeth and I along with Becca are going dress shopping on Friday. So in short, I have to buy a ticket. Wish me luck:)

In other news I got to PAWs today and we have a dog name Trisha. It was so weird whenever I would say her name. Also Zeus-the Mastiff-that went home yesterday, is being RETURNED!!! I was not happy with that. Frankie a 1 year old black lab is hopefully being adopted^_^. Sheeba a 10 year old Akita that has Kennel Cough is doing a lot better, she is almost like a whole different dog. Much more energy.

At Harmony-Meredith Grey, the friendliest cat on the 3rd floor was adopted over the weekend. I also may be going there on Sunday for a 3 mile marathon-maybe, it depends since my dads birthday is that saturday.

I had my Spanish IB exam, I hope to God I got at least a 3 on it. It was like one of the tests we have in class so maybe. I have Paper 1&2 in IB Biology tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

Plus I have finally read Twilight and New Moon after years of my friends telling me to. OMG I love them!! Hopefully someone will bring Eclipse tomorrow. Hopefully!
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I get to PAWs today and right away I notice all the new dogs. This is normal especially when I don't go for a few days. However I noticed something was off rigt away. Marty was missing, Zeus the Mastiff was in his room. I did not panic merely thinking he had been moved.

He was ADOPTED!!! Normally that would be great but this would be his 4th time and well just yeah:(. I didn't say goodbye on Friday like I normally do, I honestly though he would be there like always today.

He was my favorite and i will miss him, I just wish he would have been able to go to Colorado.

Another pic

May. 8th, 2008 09:16 pm
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Now I just have to figure out the gallery stuff, since I have 2 and I don't now how I did that....

This is Percy, he is an 11 month old hound mix. He is a sweetheart, loves people but is a little shy at first.



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