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So cause of the Adopt-a-thon, I worked 6-4 today. I am so tired its not even funny. I've only had, well, less than 4 hours of sleep. I'm just glad I can sleep in ill 10 tomorrow before work.

I watched 3x12 of Robin Hood on OnDemand. Talk about surprise endings. My god!! Poor Alan. Just no.....and Vasey!!!! That came out of left field and was a jaw on the floor in shock surprise. I still have to watch the finale.

Of course I watched RH right after I watched episode 7 of White Collar. That surprised me. Everyone on LJ was in shock at the ending! No one saw it coming and the whole epsidoe was a giant red herring but my god, that and RH were to many surprises for one night.

I have to wait until mid-January for WC to come back. ;(

**I need a WC icon....
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So today Caregivers had to be at work at 6:30 so we could have everything finished by nine thirty for a photo shoot. This entailed me getting up at 5:20.

The photographer did not get there until 10. We were not happy. At all.

I am closing tomorrow so that means I can sleep till 10:30.
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So I've spent the last hour (relatively speaking) setting up a DreamWidth Account, same user name as LJ but differnt Journal titles. Thanks to [ profile] starandrea I have a somewhat basic understanding on how it works. It really shouldn't be that hard but I am very very tired.

In other news-Nikki (my aunt and uncle's 17 year old dog) was put to sleep last week. I was suppose to go over there to say goodby but they never told us. We found out tonight. I will miss her a lot, we practically grew up together, but I am really glad she isn't suffering anymore.

Elizabeth (her family) is putting Tiffy down later this week. She is at least 16 and can barely walk, but I got the chance to say goodby last night.

My dad and I saw Nght at the Museum and Terminator:Salvation last night. More on those tomorrow. I work in KC and not DT tomorrow, which will be weird, but I have mOnday and Wednesday off next week. Two days Yipee!!


Dec. 26th, 2008 08:20 pm
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So I worked 8-4 christmas eve. Almost had a major crisis that day (that I am not willing to go into) that would have probably resulted in me not being able to get to my Aunt Cindy's house. It didn't happen.

So I got picked up at 4 and me and my mom, dad and sister drove straight to their house, got their round 6. So my dad has 6 sisters-everyone is married, all have kids, grand kids-the youngest is 2 I believe.  Usually it's chaos loud as hell. It was surprisingly calm and I had fun. My cousin Denny lives in Arizona, we haven't seen him for 5 years, was there with his fiancee. It was like he had never left.

I am in the grab bag this year since I turned 18. I got my 40 dollar Best Buy gift card-I can buy season 5 NCIS. Auntie Jeanette who wasn't suppose to, gave me The Tales of Beetle the Bard by J.K Rowling-It totally made my night-I was so happy.

Then we had dessert-Auntie Vicki is a dessert goddess. She always makes dozens of cookies mostly chocolate chip but others as well. She also makes cakes. Her siblings (my dad and the other 5 sisters) love and fight over the cakes. This year, she unveiled boxes of dessert.

1 cheese cake
1 carrot cake
1 tray of cream puffs

For EVERY sibling!! She passed all that out and *kidding you not* every one put it instantly in their separate cars.

Towards the end of the night I got to talking to Kathy (Denny's fiancee), I love her-we ended up talking about books for half an hour. I can't wait for this weekend (surprise wedding shower).

I got home at like 11:30. At this point I am just exhausted, end up not getting to bed till 1, had to go to my mom's brother's christmas day at 12:30. Oh fun.

I was out of it, totally utterly exhausted the whole day. I got my NCIS season 4 from my aunt (knew I was getting that or 5) *actually watching season 4 now Twisted Sister.*

I also got money and Eileen (my grandpa's girlfriend) got me this great looking battery operated razor, a turbie for toweling your hair after a shower, a pajama set and a bracelet. We all got these wonderful gifts from her.

My little 4 year old cousin made out the best. She got a bunch of princess clothes, a crown, boa, skirt. She also got a baby doll with accessories which she loved. Oh and she also got a castle. An actual castle tent-she also loved-we set it up and she spent as much time as possible in it before they had to go.

I however spent the last 3 ours we were there, taking cat naps, that is how exhausted I was. My reactions were so delayed.

I went to sleep round 1 last night and had to work 8-4 today-I need sleep. However I am really glad I am not at work this weekend. It will be utter chaos. We will have 3 maybe four rooms empty tomorrow-we are getting 12 dogs and need at least 6 dogs. Yeah...So not going there.

Tiger-a border collie/chow mix
Ryno-a shepard mix (puppy)

were returned. Maddie also was supposed to be getting returned. She was suppose to be there at 3, but wasn't there when I left around 4:30. Hopefully her adopters changed her mind.

My dad and I are going to a 10:15 showing of Bedtime Stories, tonight. I have to up tomorrow for the wedding shower.


Dec. 20th, 2008 09:54 pm
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Today was Nikki's last day. We had a mini party and everything. I made the card with pictures of Prince Chunk all over. If she could ,Nikki would have adopted him but he does not like being around other cats.

It's weir though because usually Nikki is off Sunday and Monday anyway. It will only sink in that she is gone on Tuesday and over the week. It will be weird.

However she has a Facebook, which means that we all can keep in contact with her and hopefully now that she doesn't work there she can come and visit without problems.

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Have yet to finish Jack and Bobby. I think I just have the last two episodes to watch. I am going through another Narnia phase and as such I finishes Elecktrum's Narnia series last night. She is over at It is a really good take on the Pevensie's in the Golden age. Most of the stories are in Edmund and/or Peter's point of view.

I am trying to come up with a goodbye present for Nikki cause her last day is Saturday. Ss far I am going to make her a card for everyone to sign, and get her some kitty socks. The only other idea we all have had is to get her a gift card but we don't know from where.
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I spent hours last night/early early this morning watching Jack and Bobby on YouTube. I got through 15 episodes. I mainly watched for the future interview parts but I was reminded about why I liked the show when it first came on. There is so much depth to this show. There is nothing else like it on tv. Now or before.

Work was draining. That is all I am willing/able/going to say.

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So I had my first solid off day from work in weeks. I get Thursday off too which is great. I have been filling in so much for the past 6 weeks, that it has been a really good respite. We had 130 adoption during the adopt a thon. Including Montana and Goldre which I am totally delighted about. We had 1 dog get returned on Tuesday. Hopefully there won't be many more. Miles was going to go but it fell through.

I went to Harmony House for the first time in over a month. It was great so relaxing. Burtona, one of the cats, had to be put down cause she had lost so much weight and they couldn't get her stable enough for a feeding tube. She was a sweet heart. We have some kittens to which are cute but a little shy.

I started rereading all my Narnia fics I have saved over at I am really longing for a nice long fic about the 4 pevensies, wether it's them staying in Narnia after Caspian or one set in The Golden Ages. Any recomendations?

So I get to sleep in some more tomorrow or should I say today since it's like 1:30.

So was anyone really surprised by Governor Rod's arrest? I mean in the beginning he did good but recently?
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I worked 8 hours today. I am dead on my feet. The adoptathon is a great success, when I left we had had over 60 adoptions. That total was probably nearer to 70. And we are going through the night till 10 pm Sunday. 36 hours. I have never seen these many adopted at once. I was the only caregiver in DT and KC for 4 hours. I never set foot in KC. It can usually run itself. DY however0-thank god for volunteers. They are the only reason I got everything done.

I am betaing a STargate SG-1 fic for an author on I was going to get it done and emailed to her by tonight. However considereing I am nowhere near any sort of coherency, I will wait for tomoorw night to actualy read through and beta so I don;t screw anything up.
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I was inadvertanly in charge at work today. At least in the morning.

I also still have to finish watcing Jungle Fury. I didn;t realize how many episodes I missed. I think I have four left. Five at most.
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Simon's last day at work was Thanksgiving. We have been short a Cargiver before he left but now its bad. Jill started last week, she got the job same way I did. But sonce Simon was head caregiver, it means Cristine got promoted in a sense. I have been getting 8-4 shifts for the last 2 weeks. It doesn't bother me, not really. I'm just wondering whats next. They are still looking for another caregiver, I am sticking around till next August and it helps bu we need another full time caregiver.

It's me, Kate, Lisa, Sam and K.C and Jill. KC works at the front desk most of the time so she can;t be  full time caregiver. Kate told me she doesn;t want more hours to work, but I don;t know if she would accept full time. Jill may be up for the full time position I don;t know. I know both me a Lisa re working more now so. Sam should be promoted full time-she however does work mainly in KC. ANd WE def. neeed people in DT. SImon was always DT, just like Cristine. Kate, Lisa and K.C go back and forth. I am both, now I am mostly DT. Though with Jill just being DT hopefuly I will be getting more KC shifts. I wouldn't mind  full time but it would only be till next august so I guess the question is would it be worth it?

On another note-Bambi finally got adopted on Sunday. I was so happy bout that. ANd there was a lot of interest in Miles. I know the lady was thinking about it and another couple was interested in him also. Hopefully whenever he does get adopted I am there to say goodbye. He is my sweet heart. I would love to be able to adopt him.


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