Apr. 22nd, 2009

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So [livejournal.com profile] ncis_shared has an April thing-a-thon centered around everyone's favorite (and sometimes hated) Anthony DiNozzo. Though I was always afraid to write NCIS, especially since I have been a fan less than a year (though have seen every ep, some more than once) Some of the prompts interests me. So I am going to try writing a some type of story in the seven days until the 29th end date of the thing-a-thon.

I have already started something but I have yet to work in the one prompt I am definitely going to use.

Wish me luck!!

Oh!  In other news [livejournal.com profile] serpentine85 , informed me about the [livejournal.com profile] spandex_report , which I knew of (in the sense that I vaguely recall having seen/heard of it somewhere) but had never read. Now I find that I not only want to send them links so my stories can be featured (shameless, I know)  But I now have a place to look for brand new fic!



Apr. 22nd, 2009 06:52 pm
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So after the M*A*S*H Anniversery Special, TVLand aired a bunch of episodes. Of course it all reminded me of how much I absolutely adore this show. I mean I first really started watching it a few years ago when Hallmark channel would aair like four episodes a day. Thats when I watched the majority of the series.

Of course before I could see the early seasons (I had started at the beginning of 4) I watched the anniversery special. This was how I found out about Luietenet Colonel Henry Blake's death :( So of course this made me eager to see the early episodes and very eager to see Abyssinia, Henry.

The last scene has remained hands down  one of my favorite endings of any television show I have ever watched.

Of course this put me in the mood to watch some of the After Mash series that I have. Yet I need time to watch all that in one go and preferably be off work the next day. However I don't have that option until atleast next week and even that may be up for grabs.

In other news I finished rereading [info]miss_porcupine's Qui Habitat Universe. Something I have done before but never in one sitting. Surprisingly it is no longer kinda depressing (which I can argue it really isn't because I have a skewed sense of whatever in regards to what I see/hear/say), since a lot of it involves death, invasion and loss in our favorite Stargate Universe. No, today I just had the craving for more, more, more! I always do but the little voice in my head was more demanding this time around.

It left me also wanting to reread Orpheus but that is another thing all together mainly cause to me it is slightly more depressing (again in regeards to my skewed whatever) in a whole different way. But It is still a great story that I love to read, as all of her stuff is:) I do want to reread the rest of her stories as well but again, it's in the realm of I want more, more, more! That and I have read all of those so many times that I know them all by heart so sometimes it's not as amusing to reread some of them.

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I want some RPM icons ::frowns:: good  ones, funny ones, text ones and yet...anyone know of any RPM icons?

*goes to clean out user pics....*


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