Apr. 28th, 2009

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General Disclaimer: I do not own Jungle Fury or Power Rangers.


AN: Sorry I took so long to update, guys. My muse wanted to get ahead in the plot without the build up behind it so I have been arguing with my muse (read: myself) for weeks. That and I struggled with this chapter several times scrapping previous versions before I settled on this one.


So for my apology, I give you a chapter solely devoted to Casey and RJ. Well, mostly anyway. You should all thank ChildofDarkness1988, my wonderful beta, who made this part enjoyable to read. Thank You!!




Especially since, unlike Casey, Swoop would have some idea about what was actually going on. )
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I love the new Internet Explorer 8. My computer for some reason wouldn't 'wake up' just now and so I turned it off and on. I opened up the internet and was given the option to restore what I had up before. Thank God. I was in the middle of rereading Pandora147's Someday Trilogy from FF.Net and didn't remember where I left off. I got distracted by Deadliest Catch.

On that note:

On October 22, 2008, the Fishing Vessel Katmai sunk off the west coast of Alaska. After 17 hours spent in raft boats in hurricane weather, survivors were rescued.

Of the 11 people that made up the crew of the Katmai , there were four survivors. The captain, a deckhand and two greenhorns. The chief engineer went down with the ship, four were found by the coast guard and two other fishing vessels respectfully and two were lost at sea.



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