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I wanted to do a seperate post on this: Brothers and Sisters had to have had one of their best episodes to date last night.

Tug of War was amazing!!! I alternatly loved and adored Kevin. Though I was really dissapointed by his desicion at the end of the episode. Though he and Scotty are made of awesome. ANd Sarah!! Sarah was so good in this. I can't believe she quit! I can;t believe Saul quit, though that as foreshadowed in the previews. I wonder what both are going to do now. However I am glad Tommy finally stood up to Holly. I really liked the Justin arc in this Dave Annabelle is such an amazing actor. The conflct was probably what a lot of soldiers feel especially medics like Justin was.  

Plus I guess Kitty isn't Robert's communications officer anymore. Oh which reminds me, my favorite part of this episode was all the Robert and Kevin interaction. Squee!!! They are my favorite characters on the show. Which reminds me. I can't wait for next weeks episode. I want Kevin to say yes to Robert proposal. It would be really interesting and it would make a point. I mean I hated Kevin's boss for making Kevin go 'back in the closet' so to say. I mean I know kev wants to make partner which is one of the reasons I loved Robert and Kev's discussion on teh consequences. Plus I think it gives Kev and incentve to sa yet to Robert's proposal. He has no reason to hide who he is and can probably help change policies.  Again I love Kevin as a lawyer but I would love to see him as the communication's officer. It would be a very interesting change of pact for him, but I think he would benifit  a lot more from it.  
 I also saw Nights in Rodanthe with my aunt last week. That movie was probably one of the best movies I have ever see, but had like the worst ending ever.....except not♥

I mean I read the Notebook after I saw the movie, but I loved it just the same. And I am waiting to read Nights in Rodanthe, but I am expecting it to become one of my favorites. This movie was phenominal. Richard Gere and Diane Lane were extroidinary. It was an epic love sory that seemed even more real because the two had such geat chemistry. I so wanted Paul to meet er family. Of course I wanted a happy ending. I mean ou knew something bad happened when he didn;t even board the plane. I loved seeing a very serious good side to James Franco.  Plus Amanda, the daughter was so familiar. I mean she looks a lot like Rumor Willis. I really loved how she took care of her mother and actually listened to her story. Plus the location of the Inn and the Inn itself? WOW. I wonder if it already existed or if they built it specifically for the movie..



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