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Lets just say this episode was nothing compared to the previews for next week.

Okay so the beginning was cute. Nora bringing everyone in to help with the house. She totally pulled a guilty kids thing comparing The Center to Ojai but it worked. Plus she was so good at it to. The house wow, the whole time I was laughing cause the actors just made it hilarious. I loved seeing everyone in the family there, for the most part anyway.

Sarah and Greenatopia. I have loved this story line since it started. But SUnday was the first time I didn't like Sarah. I mean at first it was great but then Graham came back. Don;t get me wrong, I always liked her and Graham together always, but that she was willing to sell out Ethan and Kyle? I don't remember their names, threw me. I think the writers pushed that a little to far. Though I love how she made it up to the boys.

Robert and Kitty. Yes!!! They are finally gettig their baby. That made me so happy. I loved the conversation between Trish and Kiity and the ultrasound scene was great. Robert's expression was soheart felt.

On that note. One pf my favorite parts in the whole ep was teh scene between Robert and Kevin. That showed so much progress with thetwo of them. ANd it felt like they were family.

Kittty's speech to Nora was absolute gold.It was so heart felt and true and awesome. Course so was Nora's face and denial especially when the ceiling fell.

Holly. Does everyone else have the feeling that Tommy is correct? SHe wants to take over Ojai make it her company aand force out the Walkers. Maybe out of jealousy or hatred or something. But I can't tell if she means to be angry against Nora or if its a way to get back at William. I just feel sorry for Rebecca. She really wants to believe in her mother cause for years thats all she had to lean on. But now she has the Walker's, thats her family. WHen everything falls apart and Holly scheme is revealed Rebecca will be crushed. Though I really can see Rebecca being great at advertising.

ANd Damn Saul and Tommy's conversation at the end? That was amazing, I could feel the sincerity running through both of them. It felt good to see Tommy finally getting a back bone where Holly's concerned. Bout time.

And the previews!!! wholy crap. I was kinda hoping for a story line where the truth of the father would be revealed, but not really at the cost of Lizzie's life. Tommy and Julia were heartbreaking in the previews, I don;t care what the results say Tommy is Lizzie's father not Justin, not Kevin. Though I do want to see thereprecussions to this. In some ways I think Justin being the father would be worse. Just cause hemay freakout in way thats not good even with Rebecca their to ground him. I really would like it to be Kevin, mainly because as much as Kevin being a father would freak him out, it would be becasue he wouldn;t be ready. I can so see kevin and Scotty with kids, we know they have thought about it. Just not now, Kevin needs to mature in more ways than one befoe that could happen. I mean I can see justin with kids to, probably sooner than Kevin but, I don't know...We'll see. 


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