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So I have been into NCIS:LA (of course:) since it premiered and I'm loving it. I love my 3 new icons for the show! I could gush all day about it, but I will say the characters chemistry (especially Callen and Sam) and their frickin lines are brilliant!!

I have also started watching White Collar, that new USA show. Oh my god, with 6 episodes, it has rapidly become a favorite. Again I am going to hype about the chemistry between Neil and Burke, it just awesome in that bromance kinda way. The same can be said especially for NCIS:LA's Sam and Callen! But WC is very funny, I laugh out loud a lot when I watch it on HULU.

*It's on the same time as Numb3rs which I won't stop watching especially since it might be in danger from getting canceled:( Save Numb3rs!! Save the MATH!!! ::laughs::
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So tonights Grey's was one of the best episodes in awhile. The ending was...There was just something about the ending that made everything else inconsequential cause it was the cjeif. Despite everything he has done, he's stil the chief and ...yeah.

Of course the previews...As long as Mark and Lexie stay together, I am assuming they will since it would actually make a really good storyline. And its Mark Sloan, of course he had a child out there. He slept around so much before that it was always a possibility As long as Mark and Lexie stay together I can deal with anything. And you know Hunt and Christina as well.

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Got NCIS season 6 and Moonlight  tonight. Have yet to start either. I orginaly went for season 3 of Brothers & Sistersbut they didn't have it. Nor did they have any seasons from Numb3rs. Not really happy. I really wanted B&S. Though I am happy, delightedly so, they I have  Moonlight, since now I can actually see the last episode which I haven't done in what? 2 years?
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Dan: No! Women don't live longer. We die sooner.

Dan: It's going to take years of us guys not talking to each other to get back to where we were.

Becky: Well, I got most of that stuff from David.
Roseanne: You girl talked to David.

~~ Girl Talk from season 7

Roseanne: Dan, I'll be counting the kids when I get back. We better not be missing more than a couple of them.

~~Punch and Jimmy from Season 7

I am on a Roseanne kick. All seasons so far I've found on Youtube. So I've been watching it. I forgot how much I love this show. It's so funny!! And true for what's happening now.
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So I am exhausted. Really. I am going to work the next two weeks without a day off, and my last day off was wednesday.

I saw Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I will have reaction posts up sometime soon.

I also will have a post about the NCIS episode(s) Legend (Parts 1&2) and the latest episode of Numb3rs since each deserves it's own post.

Truly am exhausted. Three people out at work and only 3 of us to really cover, I need a break but that isn't happening anytime soon.

Got the Southern Vampire Mysteries (the Sookie Stackhouse books, what the HBO series Trueblood is based off of) last week (books 1 through 8) read all in 2 1/2 days. I'll post about that as well. Book 9 is only out in hardcover so I will probably read it in the store and buy it later.

Don't be expecting any new chapters for Standing Ground, anytime soon. I need to be mildly coherent as I write that and I'm just not. (It's taken me a long time to write this post because I keep misspelling. My mobile functions are lacking)
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Spoilers: this way )
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I love the new Internet Explorer 8. My computer for some reason wouldn't 'wake up' just now and so I turned it off and on. I opened up the internet and was given the option to restore what I had up before. Thank God. I was in the middle of rereading Pandora147's Someday Trilogy from FF.Net and didn't remember where I left off. I got distracted by Deadliest Catch.

On that note:

On October 22, 2008, the Fishing Vessel Katmai sunk off the west coast of Alaska. After 17 hours spent in raft boats in hurricane weather, survivors were rescued.

Of the 11 people that made up the crew of the Katmai , there were four survivors. The captain, a deckhand and two greenhorns. The chief engineer went down with the ship, four were found by the coast guard and two other fishing vessels respectfully and two were lost at sea.


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So Scruffy is doing fine. His hotspots are already scabbing away and thanks to that spray he is barely scratching anymore. However givining him his ear drops is another story. I had to bring home a muzzle from work so we could give them to him. He is suppose to get them twice  a day but that isn't happening. Mainly because two of us need to do it, me and my dad, and I am the only one that remembers and since I get up later for work it doesn;t get done in the morning. I am pissed at my parents because they don't unerstand that if this doesn't happen he will get an actual ear infection and be ten times worse.

I also want to see season 3 of Robin Hood but its not airing yet in America and it really not worth spending 60-70 dollars each, to buy the pevious season when there are only 26 episodes between them.

I also want Doctor Who season 4, usually we get this from my dad's boss but that didn't happen this year.

I am egerly waitiing for the fifth season box set of Stargate Atlantis and the fall premiere of Stargate Universe. I don't know how I feel about this yet. With Atlantis I remember thinking I would watch the pilot and se how it goes.  I very seriously thought I would end up watching it out of obligation of my love for Stargate SG-1. That didn't happen, obviously, however I also think this about Universe, which I fear has a higher possibility of actually happening because it really isn't Stargate.

In a different world-Power Rangers: RPM  is awesome!! Totally made of win  ♥   ♥

And thanks to [ profile] starandrea , I once again have a different canon view of this show just like I had with Space. Though What I Owe You and Dare You to Ask isn't so much a fix it story to have the series make sense like "First" was (which is canon for me now, so it's very hard to rewatch In Space without going wtf?). No, RPM, surprisingly does a good job at those things called continuity and logic. Her stories are the fluffier relationship version of the show. The Team Building we don't get.

Also the fact that the show itself seems to be pushing a Slim relationship and [ profile] starandrea is making me want a DillonK one, is just another reason I adore her writing*. Guess which one I think is more canon? ::laughs::

I hurt my knee friday night cause I thought it would be fun to slide into the bottom of my stove. I still went to work Saturday and Sunday but I had to spend time icing my knee a couple of times both days. Its hurting me now mainly because I took Scruffy on a walk through the park and didn't think of the fact that I would have to walk around for a half hour straight. I haven't been on it that long consecutively since I fell.

*I am sorry I haven't commented on your last two, by the way, but they are made of fluff and love :giggles::  ♥


Apr. 22nd, 2009 06:52 pm
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So after the M*A*S*H Anniversery Special, TVLand aired a bunch of episodes. Of course it all reminded me of how much I absolutely adore this show. I mean I first really started watching it a few years ago when Hallmark channel would aair like four episodes a day. Thats when I watched the majority of the series.

Of course before I could see the early seasons (I had started at the beginning of 4) I watched the anniversery special. This was how I found out about Luietenet Colonel Henry Blake's death :( So of course this made me eager to see the early episodes and very eager to see Abyssinia, Henry.

The last scene has remained hands down  one of my favorite endings of any television show I have ever watched.

Of course this put me in the mood to watch some of the After Mash series that I have. Yet I need time to watch all that in one go and preferably be off work the next day. However I don't have that option until atleast next week and even that may be up for grabs.

In other news I finished rereading [info]miss_porcupine's Qui Habitat Universe. Something I have done before but never in one sitting. Surprisingly it is no longer kinda depressing (which I can argue it really isn't because I have a skewed sense of whatever in regards to what I see/hear/say), since a lot of it involves death, invasion and loss in our favorite Stargate Universe. No, today I just had the craving for more, more, more! I always do but the little voice in my head was more demanding this time around.

It left me also wanting to reread Orpheus but that is another thing all together mainly cause to me it is slightly more depressing (again in regeards to my skewed whatever) in a whole different way. But It is still a great story that I love to read, as all of her stuff is:) I do want to reread the rest of her stories as well but again, it's in the realm of I want more, more, more! That and I have read all of those so many times that I know them all by heart so sometimes it's not as amusing to reread some of them.

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OMG. Squee!!!!!! I love this show!!!!!!!  I/m done kinda I need to regroup and then I'll post more but OMG!!!!

ETA: reaction here..... )
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Grey's Anatomy is on in 30 minutes. E.R Is on in an hour and a half-as much as I love GA, E.R for the next month will win out everytime.

Heads up for a reunion of a life time on E.R. The Old Era is back once more.
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Penny: "Hey Leonard is this okay?"  *gives him a small pink suitcase*
Leonard: "Yeah. It's perfect.

Howard: "For taking daffodils to your unicorn."
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E.R was awesome. Tonight this episode reminded me why I love this show. Plus I loved Archie Morris tonight and that says a lot. I have a rection post tomorrow I don't feel like writing now.
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Numb3rs is on in 1 hr 10 min. ♥

I am workining on the next chapter of my untitled JF fic. I will post something tonight.
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There are only 5 episodes left of E.R. i don't know what to think about that. Ihave been watching this show off and on for as long as I can remember. I have been watching it almost constantly since the year Dr. Mark Green died in season 8. In a way it's like the ending of Stargate SG-1, it is a big part of my life that is going to suddenly not going to be there anymore.

It helps that E.R goes through character transitions every year anyway, for the most part especially the last 5 or so years, but it will be weird.

I have a worry about how it will end and I really hope that that does not happen.

I would love for Brenner and Neela to work out but I think she is going to *finally*  get together with Ray. I wanted that for so long when he was on the show, but now...I like Simon, I really do and I hope the powers that be would give them a chance but I guess not.

Sam and Gates better get back together. They are perfect for one another.

Benton is coming back however from the promos I think it will be to do surgery on Neela after she is shot or on John.

That's the other thing. The one reason everyone would come back to e.r? Well two really.

1) the closing of County (i hope this is it)
2) The death of John Carter (this is highly likely especially with Susan in the back ground saying "you are not going to die")

***On a sidenote I loved how John brought up Lucy tonight, it was great lead to the past.

This is not really a post about tonight's episode mainly cause I am not looking at the little things but at the big picture and tonight's ep was pretty routine for E.R.


Feb. 25th, 2009 07:29 pm
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Okay so Heartland is a book series written by Lauren Brooks. It is meant for kinds/young adults. It is hands down a favorite It has horses and a great storyline per book.

And I only found this out recently, just a fluke really, but it is also a tv show in Canada. The show is based on the books but it us also very different. It is a good different though. Especially if you just watch the show for the show. A lot of the book fans really like it. I have been watching it all on YouTube.

I think I am bored enough, to start rereading the series. To be honest with the exception of a few things, if I had to choose, I would choose the show. Mainly cause it's built towards an older audience and I can *see* the characters. However the books will always be really good especially the parts I really, really wish were part of the show.
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Oh my God!!!

*thats all for now. I have to wrap my mind around it and process for later....*


spoilers )
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I will actually extend this tomorrow, when i am not so tired...,
spoilers!!!! )

Thank you [ profile] starandrea for the birthday wish ♥ ♥ ♥


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